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What not to do the interview?

What not to do an interview for many years I had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of candidates for employment?

many years I had the opportunity to talk business Hundreds of candidates Ive seen and heard what might shock you, and who certainly did not expect to see an interview today I have a list of things that do not work .. during the interview.
u During the first interview is not a discussion about salary, holidays, sick leave, etc. Package / u. This is a tricky subject, so what if the employer is to attract them to the general rule is: do not make the same theme salary and other benefits if the employer has Take the topic, there are two possible options for response if asked about the salary falls at the beginning of the conversation, you can say something like: .. Id rather learn more about working in this position before you can determine what amount will be sufficient for me / em or you can specify a range that includes the amount of interest to you. I for one do not like to commit a certain number of numerical range gives both sides saw the amount of fees and leaves room for possible future negotiations often during the interview will give average salary for the position if the recruiter asks whether that amount is right for you ... - and indeed it will be rewarding for you - you can say that it is in the range of salary negotiation is very much in line, but it should not be done in the first interview, most experts recommend to avoid the draft during the initial interview .. and leave it for later meetings. When the end of the interview will be asked if you have any questions, recruiter, do not ask him about the additional benefits, health suite, etc. Then May you think you are just interested in the benefits, rather than a specific job.
u not say absolutely nothing wrong / u for yourself, friends, former employers, competitors, does not recognize that financial or personal problems. not emphasize their desperation in the search for this position. remember your access to the desperadoes who wanted to take you?
u not react positively to a proposal to give coffee or tea / u. drink can spill and cause unnecessary confusion.
u refrain from criticizing his former employer. / u This is a very common behavior wśró d candidates .. I think they feel cornered hear the question, why give up their current jobs even if the company was a fraud and a friend I moved slept with the boss, manager mobbing refers to you and your husband sexually abused - your new employer does not want to hear. If you talk badly about your previous boss, your potential employer will assume that they will be criticized. Bite your tongue, and then say something like, Looking for a job that gives me the opportunity to develop, promotion or better pay / em, The new management has spent restructuring the company and got fired, / em or dropped because of the crisis / em. speak only the truth. If something happened to you was wrong and that they were forced to leave, it is obvious that you will find a new job.
u no gossip, no I tell jokes. / u interview is not appropriate occasion for throwing jokes, even if they are associated with the position you are applying.
u Do not put the briefcase, purse, bag or backpack on the table, the employer / u. prejudices so his personal space and stop professional label. It is as if a stranger came home, and put your feet up on the table.
u not argue with the potential employer / u even if youre sure youre right. It is a sign of bad manners.
u not chew gum or smoke cigarettes during recruiting interviews. / u This indicates a lack of professionalism.
u wulgaryzmóww not used during the call. / u This is totally unprofessional and can lead to termination of calls and farrowing candidates.
u not bring to interview her boyfriend, friends, or children. / u This is very disruptive behavior . interview a candidate who brought the conversation to the whole family -. seven very loud people try to imagine what I thought about it.

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