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How to deal with a telemarketer

How to deal with a telemarketer Keep in mind that the telemarketer was an ordinary man like me

Keep in mind that the telemarketer was an ordinary man like me to be nice to him, not to hurt his feelings -. That is, to behave like a normal human being to another but what if its not us play, Im pushy, aggressive and arrogant? Then we have two options. Or hang up, or have fun at his expense. How to deal with a brash and annoying telemarketer?
u for 10 min / u
Lets say you are busy at the moment and to call you in 10 minutes. If you call to say that you are still busy and need another 10 minutes. Do this every time you call. If 10 Competition will again invite them to say that you are busy, because you are dead, and ask whether he would not want to accidentally kill to join you.
u capture ready / u
finished filming a child screaming, Help, help, let me to give you their money. Turn it on as soon as you know that you are dealing with a brash telemarketer then hang up.
u toilet / u
Tell necessarily go to the toilet, take phone close to a shell, and then begin the transition to pretend that farts let the wash water. After some time telemarketer to hang.
u Peas / u
If the telemarketer is a man, ask him to love older women and be happy with them. If this is a woman, say you have no experience in these matters and ask if they could introduce you to a world of pleasure If a telemarketer is a same-sex Play pretend gay phone sex - ... COO, purr, use indecent words
u Tell us / u
telemarketerowi you can say about his dog and his shiny coat. story for a long time, I repeat, do not forget about the details of the story. If the telemarketer would like to enter the word You say, even for a moment, the hair is really amazing ....
u pretend Freak / u Tell
telemarketerowi that he felt very lonely, undervalued, unpopular and would like someone to Hug you. start to cry and scream like a little child mamaaa
u on gay / u
Ask him if he is gay. It cool to be gay. Thats a lot that homosexuals should not be ashamed . that your dog / cat is also gay. Tell him what superowi are gay and have a wonderful life.
listen and ask / u Let
telemarketerowi talk as much as you want. ask for anything, have a lot of interest. Learn all the details of materials offers, compare all packages - provided that the sale of their problems -., praise the products offered by a telemarketer Keep the conversation as long as possible as a telemarketer you want to go to complete the transaction very surprised to pretend you pay it and not. you
u birthday / u Ask
telemarketer when he was born, and read his horoscope -. daily, weekly and monthly -. If you listen, find another place to horoscopes or in the newspaper. reading until it decides not to talk to you.
u not understand / u Tell
nice and smooth & ldquo, Im sorry but I do not understand Polish.
seafront fun with your partner / u Listen calmly
telemarketer monologue, and then suddenly say, Stop! Not now. I talk on the phone., then I apologize and let them continue to talk. Home sigh Giggle and more and more and more than a little breathless voice say, Honey, its good .... do not cut, Yes, yhmmm ....
u also offers something / u Thank you
telemarketerowi bid and offer his services. If you have, such as forests, suggest planting your garden -. he and all his friends popytał Ask them to work or you might not want a small forest, or at least one tree in the grounds Replace several types , and propose some tree species just for him to say .. you have telepathic power and feel that suits his personality birch and he must necessarily have. talk seriously and not laugh at it. be involved in what you say.
? u What is this job / u As soon as the present
telemarketer, ask them to repeat and spell your name then ask them to spell the name of the company to ask about the place of business - .. is a place where the index and the individual subsidiaries and affiliates. Ask about how long the company has been on the market, which has a registered capital, number of employees, the incentive system workers, and whether employees are married and have children much. Continue asking questions, as needed.
in deaf / u
Suppose you have a hearing and that the brain was crying loudly. louder and louder, because there is still little heard.
u meticulous / u Tell
speak very slowly because I want to write every word, which, again speaking with you
u Hello, we have a wonderful time ... / u If you ask
days pass as you begin to talk about every detail. that day. eg rang an alarm in 6 hours. I wanted to get up, but somehow I gathered out of bed and went to brush teeth. I washed them, Signal toothpaste, because I think it is best etc ...
u terrible company / u Ask
he calls and expresses its deepest condolences. Start making some rumors about his company and the companys management plans for all the telemarketer - relief, lower wages, overtime, etc. -.
u distracted / u Let
telemarketerowi say, wait until then relax in the middle of his sentence, he stopped and said: You know what, I eventually managed to lower their cholesterol. Some are still talking, then suddenly stop again and say, but in fact happy. It is thanks to my new doctor. Over time, as they realized they did not stop listening to bother you.
u Why / u
stop telemarketer starts talking to him requires. Why, For example, we have the best job for you! - Why me ? and why is the best , & ldquo, why I made the best offer
u telemarketer / u
Repeat for all your entertainment each sentence How to ask? ... to stop you, ask why and explain that you are doing because you want to be a telemarketer.
u can / u
answer after each question is Perhaps ....
u Hello / u How
welcomed telemarketer and say good morning, says its not so good. that the dog broke his leg, you have been released - that was thrown out of college, the school - and wykipiało butter and then ask if he believes, therefore, that a good day.

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