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How to manipulate people

How to manipulate people to convince people to do what you want, it is much easier than they seem May

convince people to do what you want, it is much easier than they seem May all you have to do is figure out how most people decide our daily decisions are mundane and not very important. Were taken, usually on a whim, and the end result may be one way or another. always choose what is best for you, so it is important to do anything that might affect your benefit.ll be surprised how much benefit you can get to change your mind about the other person . and you can become more dangerous and reap the benefits. Read these tips and youll learn how to influence decision and manipulate both friends and enemies.
u emphasizes the importance of the decision. / u
must first specify them in person is necessary for it to be able to manipulate it. Of course, you will not be able to deceive the person you love or with whom, or have children, but you can manipulate the person with whom youll only Sex Links. know how important these decisions are for others, and to what extent it can affect them. Remember that minor decisions, including likely that you can change them to your advantage
Example: ... Bartek wants to invite his wife to the movies wants to see the new Bond film, it boring romantic comedy Because the decision is not so important, his wife should be able to without too much trouble to convince him to watch a romantic comedy.
u agrees with another person. / u
Show understanding for the person which must make a decision. If you can convince that you feel it is easier to be able to focus their thinking on a positive path for you. At this stage, courtesy of the most important. device often talk with that person and make sure you say exactly what he wants to hear And remember, a compliment never hurts, especially when the specific and original
Example: .. John does not want to break up with his girlfriend. As his friends knew that he had lied to him and was not honest with him, so youll want to quit First, it must take care that John knew that you understand her feelings for her -. although it certainly will not understand -. say something like: We both know very well that I always admired your ability to properly assess the other person and acknowledged that When someone starts to manipulate you, of course, John does not realize that the manipulation and break .. his girlfriend against her will.
u tell a convincing lie to another person. / u
At this point you begin to swing the weight of the your direction. Now zmiękczyłeś second person assisted by his ego, you can slip under the nose of a terrible lie, and certainly will not notice. Thats a lie will become the basis for the rest of your argument, so be sure that this is so good. However, if the person realizes that he lied to her and starts yelling at you, come back in another
Example: Barry really like any organization, but you know its not too good opinion of the first to tell her. it is a very wise man, and always had an excellent taste and feeling, then why should not like to check this organization.
seafront Break someones wishes. / u

This is the most important
during this process. It is moment in which you need to make the other person was no longer safe in my opinion, and replaced them with their proposals. When properly completed this task, the person must have suspected what he sees, feels, works, and of course, if its opinions are correct. often easier for us to criticize the weak physically and mentally. In a much simpler way, we are able to influence their opinion.
Example: .. Wojtek likes to play basketball, and you only have 5 people willing to play How to play three on three, you still need one person Wojtek explains that they will not play because there are other things to do after youve done all three
process of manipulation, it is now time for the fourth
say something like ..? Wojtek not see that last bit to gain Seriously, you have little traffic. Throw a little fat is playing with us. Before he realizes it, it will be on your way to training and will be asked during stretching exercises.
u Replace old opinion of one of the new chosen by you. / u This is the easiest
. person manipulating the human skeleton at this point. Think about what you want or need to be a person who has done for you and thinking of you and enter. In her mind her mind was busy with other things now, so surely accept your opinion
example. Monica was surprised, because it is recalled that the ninth place in the competition, tell her. that sometimes sex is the best thing you can do to even the moments pull the mind of the bad things like this and slowly start to pull your shirt. You can now add one more compliment to just get what you want.
Enjoy! Congratulations to those who have managed to change his mind and way of thinking. Now you can sit down with a smile, as it will be a person who performs your every command.

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