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How to communicate effectively

How to communicate effectively Good communication skills are very important in everyday life

.. Good communication skills are very important in everyday life Communication skills you need in everyday life, relationships and work, unfortunately, not everyone is able to effectively communicate with many smart and talented people fail to get. Good job or career just because you do not have communication skills. You can not let this happen to you too. No matter how old you are you can learn how to communicate effectively. little self-confidence and skills of basic principles of communication and learn how to successfully transfer all you want and do with every man and it is certainly beneficial to you in life -. Here are tips on how to effectively communicate
Understand the importance of effective communication Communication .. accept it as normal activity, because every day communicate But it is worth considering how much attention the day Did you know communicating.?
average worker communicates by 50% of the time
business success in 85 years.% depends on communication skills and interpersonal skills.
45% of communication is listening to others .
Savings represents 9% of communication.
┬╝ misunderstandings at work due to communication errors.
75 percent effective communication is nonverbal communication.
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u communicate speech / u Be u
communicative. / u
important to speak clearly and loudly so that everyone who hears you could easily understand. People will be remembering what you say, if we speak clearly and clearly . You must therefore pay close attention to what you say and how to speak. Choose simple words rather than complex, talking loud enough to clearly hear all of these, but remember not to overdo it, because it sounded like you had a grudge or quarrel .
Avoid mumbling and bełkotania. words speak clearly and explicitly emphasizes the importance not to make unnecessary mistakes. If you are talking gibberish is probably the fear of communication and a clear need to conduct speaking in front of a mirror. Before you speak, Think about what you say and what words are wyrazisz, then you can feel more comfortable when it comes to conversation. Both practice in the mirror before taking the words will help you gain confidence in communication.
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to actively listen. / u Communications
as a two way street and requires speaking and listening. Remember that when you say not a science. If you listen carefully you will learn how what you tell your listeners understand how to properly understand and what is not generally understood or misunderstood. Since the other person listen carefully you can even explain what has so far not understood.
u be interesting voice. / u
monotony is not pleasing to the ear. in Good communication plays a very important emphasis and coloration appropriate use statement intonation. recommended to increase the amount and level of voice, as it passes from one topic to another. It is also worthwhile to speak louder and slower when it comes to the most important point, or summaries. You can speak vigorously but stop to emphasize key words.
u Organize your communication. / u
u clearly define exactly what you want to transfer. / u
example, you can communicate in order to obtain information or to initiate some action. be clearly understood from the beginning to determine what goals you want to achieve.
u Organize and define in mind that what you think about before you go to the media. / u
If you feel a topic experts Your message can become unreadable if you do not specify a key point. to appoint three main points and ensure that communication is directed at them. Thus, if the debate will go on a different theme will not be able to easily return the call real time back to one of the marked points. Think about the positive attitude of the listener before moving on to the appropriate topic.
can help in communicating to your story. Maybe this will help you start a conversation c and help to identify you as a listener the common man.
u Focus on the subject. / u
After the three main points that would have all the facts, stories and allusions are closely related to that topic. If you think that the essence of that some important information will be kept in memory. Do not be afraid to use them when you want to emphasize a point. Even the most confident of cerebral wcy some phrases are often repeated several times to emphasize the essence of things and get better performance expression. Call us for a web recording cases of large speakers. you will find many examples.
u Identify people. / u
do not have to know all the people who are your customers, but they all look the same do not understand sometimes shake their heads in their words. In this way students communicate with you, so you should reciprocate his gesture. It is recommended that in order to better communicate a little smile in the audience and nodding his head, and it should be very sensitive gesture, barely visible .
u Communication through body language. / u u
deliberately use the term. / u
facial expression to reflect the passion and compassion to generate the listener is gentle, soft-changing facial expressions. Avoid facial expressions, which causes negative feelings, such as frowning. Sometimes, if the expression is negative or not depends on the context of the conversation, including the cultural context. you, so do not forget to adjust the face to a given circumstances. Do the unexpected behavior, because they give the impression that you have a cultural bias to such gestures are clenched fists, tense posture and silence. I do not know the appropriate behavior of staff in a particular culture of the listener does not ask before you proceed with the real topic of conversation.
in the face to face communication. / u
eye contact helps establish a proper relationship between you and your listener. will help to convince the recipient that you are worthy of trust. During the conversation the listener should look to the eye and maintain eye contact with him. Of course, one should not exaggerate, disposable eye contact lasts for 2-6 seconds and then it will be natural. However, more sustain Eye contact may seem intrusive.
If you start to talk conference room, try to make contact with each participant in the projection. Do not ignore any of those present in the audience, to attract the attention of every person who is a little attention. This will increase your chances of achieving desired goals.
If you go public, saying that pauses between phrases, and see the audience for about 2 seconds before switching to the next item. This helps to establish a relationship with people.
You have to remember that in some cultures, eye contact is inappropriate and undesirable, so before that happens , find out what are the cultural preferences of their audience.
/ ul
Use your breath and pause to your advantage. / u

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