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How to be a good secretary

How to be a good Secretary Most people do not realize how difficult and responsible work may be the Secretary

Most people do not realize how difficult and responsible job can be a secretary if podjęłaś job as a secretary, and only zdałaś understand how difficult it is to solve, here are a few features that should have. Good secretary.
Organization and good orientation in detail.
good looks. Customers will see and learn about before answering her boss knows.
always answer calls and welcomes all with a smile and polite tone.
has the necessary skills and willing to learn new things.
know when silent, and when he speaks. not argue about little things.
Listen to the end and trying to find a solution, not to think about problems.
a professional appearance and attitude. not make personal problems to work.
quickly and efficiently take care of all the tasks entrusted to him.
Use proper language in speech and writing. It can decode scribbling his boss.
understands the duties of his boss and his head back whatnot .

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