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How to recognize abuse

How to recognize abuse, there are four basic elements of behavior that lead to charges of sexual harassment

There are four basic elements of behavior that lead to charges of sexual harassment Below you will find a brief description of the behavior that is perceived as harassment
first element of harassment, gender discrimination is open ... It may involve inappropriate comments , gestures or actions that are directed to a particular person because of her gender.
second is the unwanted behavior. includes unwanted sexual comments or actions directed or to show the superiority of one gender. This means, however, that such behavior is not initiated or inspired by the victim.
third element is severe, perverted behavior. It can be a seemingly innocent touch, or attack. one or two incidents of inappropriate touching, assault or common sexist comments and gestures.
fourth last paragraph is an objective assessment of the behavior of the attacker. means that behavior should be seen as inappropriate to others in the community, not just one person injured.
The fourth element is very important. If you think that someone in your environment behaves inappropriately toward you tell family and friends about their behavior. ask whether your loved ones that this behavior is not appropriate. Before applying, make sure you document all the information - date, time, venue -.

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