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How to get an internship

How to get an internship freshly minted high school graduate or more generally to live the vision and graduation, I got to the end of the study opens the door in his career

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high school graduate or more generally to live the vision and graduation, I got to the end of the study opens the door to a career full of enthusiasm and faith in their ability to send their elected party applications. Hoping for a quick response to potential employers. Reality It turns out to be very different. In an era in which college degree is widely available for a wide range of people, ending even the best college turns out to be sufficient for us apart from other groups of people applying for a job. For the employer is the most important -.? experience what If you only experience that we can be proud of, they exercise the students the best solution then would apply for an internship in a company whose business overlaps with our education and skills
. br Who can take an internship
prerequisite for applying for internships is to register as unemployed in the Office of the District of experience can take a person:?. Home - unemployed for 25 years Home - unemployed 27 years who have completed university - internship must begin within 12 months from the date specified in the Graduate Diploma
internship entirely funded by the Office of the listed cases can last from 3-12 months .. br
In addition, internships can be directed toward individuals: Home - unemployed, and 25 years Home - Long Term unemployed or women who do not work after the birth Home - unemployed after the completion of a social contract Home - unemployed, older than 50 years of Home - unemployed people with no qualifications, experience or without secondary education Home - unemployed, single parents with at least one child younger than 18 years Home - the unemployed, who are not employed after serving a sentence of imprisonment Home. year - unemployed people with disabilities
In these cases, the length of the traineeship may not exceed 6 months
When you register at the Office of the District, you will be informed about their rights and obligations, including the ability for you that relates to the experience of the office of an unemployed person who is invited to a job - or location - can refuse, but it involves deprivation of the unemployed in the period. Home - 120 days - for first refusal, Home - 180 days - the second rejection, Home - 270 days - the third and each subsequent refusal,
It is measured from the date of refusal
In practice, however. instead of waiting activities of civil servants, it is better to rely on themselves. site of employment and job sites, you will find advertisements of companies that are looking for interns. Applying for an internship with the publication does not differ from the ordinary to apply for a job. employer usually required to send CV and cover letter, so you will have the opportunity to learn about education, skills and interests of candidates. If your application of interest to an employer, you will be invited for an interview.
recruiters during the interview will ask questions regarding the information contained in his biography, with special emphasis on their skills, interests and activities pozauczelnianej. You May also be asked for reasons that are followed after submitting the request in a particular society. At this moment we need to know the profile of the company and the industry in which it operates . rekrutującemu Show that the area of ​​the company coincides with your interests and equity in this company will allow you to gain adequate knowledge. Point also benefits a company can achieve your employment experience.
If the employer decides to accept you for training, are you only formal questions. you will be required to appear in the Office of the District to sign a corresponding agreement. officer will inform you about the rights and responsibilities of trainees, including the need to submit each month in the work of the office and attending two days to leave what have the right for each working month.

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