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How to deal with problems

How to deal with the problems of every man in the world has some problems, but it seems that the only misfortune that affects us

.. Everyone on earth has some problems, but it seems to us that affects us only misery Instead of dealing with problems and solve them in real time, and complaining to complain, unfortunately, there is no magic formula to to deal with them, but they are not methods and techniques.
in the first place. Do not complain and do not complain that you touch is the problem. Instead of thinking about the problem, the thought of divorce. Share each issue into smaller parts. It ga makes it easier and faster you can deal with it. If you divide it into small pieces, then the problem will not seem so bad.
Keep in mind that for every problem under the jurisdiction of our past thoughts and attitudes are acquired patterns and schemes that come back to us every time try to answer the question why, for example ...?. Why do people constantly criticize you can say or do things that have an impact on why people are offended others, may still participate in the offending word and try to give an eye for eye, tooth for Remember the tooth - ... every stick has two ends, if one takes into account both ends, you will know how to solve the problem
lot of trouble taking useless conversations about sex, the problems of other people, politics, religion and murder. Are you ever wondered why eminent people have a lot of time? Because I do not talk unnecessarily.
Remember that every problem has a solution. Do not disassemble your hands and say that it is impossible to do or do not know. Of course, I know! Just remember. Try Write on a piece of everything, even the most absurd solution to the problem. Savings is required, because very often the most valuable thoughts fleeting Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night with a ready solution, but in the morning will not remember more is also important not to be ashamed of their ideas no idea is not stupid - ... you can find only useless, but it remains to be seen only at the end of
ideas, select your best choice Think about what are the advantages and disadvantages of having different solutions and select the one that has most benefits or -. people at least deficiencies May Sometimes you just can not be the ideal solution, but always so that sooner or later will help you to achieve your desired goal.

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