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How to be popular

How to be popular Everyone of us wants to be loved and be the best takes from the environment

Everyone of us wants to be loved and be the best takes from the environment presents a good atmosphere at work, at school and at home loves people is certainly fortunate to have many friends who have reached out for her .. hands. However, the would have liked the others, not so easy. Here are some tips that will help you make good contacts with people around you.
Try to remember the people you meet. In an interview the other hand, after the name, if possible, to remember their names. In talking with other impersonally, it makes them feel treated fairly, and you alone shows no interest in them. pay others as you would expect from them.
Of course, in business relationships do not apply to everyone by name. Also, do not do it unless someone gives their consent.
Always be pleasant and relaxed. Do not get angry quickly and do not be nervous, do not be provoked. Your mood will inevitably affect the other. will feel comfortable with you, and your presence will induce stress.
Try not to cause any conflicts. any confusion, try to appease. not be inflexible, do not insult other people. Learn to forgive, in the end everyone is entitled to mistakes.
Smile often. Each would be a good word. Remember the simple everyday gestures. Hi, Im sorry if other charges that do decent people look with sympathy, and always will have a high opinion of you. Remember, if youre nice to someone, that person most likely to be nice to you. This is what we do well, usually a letter back with a vengeance.
If people in your neighborhood has a birthday, name, fame or any other holiday -. to your wish someone was able to find a good job and achieve its purpose -. not forget to congratulate him remember to express empathy for others, when they are upset and disappointed.
Make a request even if the next birthday oriented crowd. Do not think that your gesture will go unnoticed or ignored. It is always a pleasure when others do not forget important dates for us. Hold a special diary in which you choose your friends birthdays deposits in the birthday wishes and give a small gift -. it can be even chocolate Simple gestures make someone feel good and you will have to him another plus

.! Try to be interesting, keep your passion and develop. This will ensure that people want to meet with you and stay, and your relationship are always derive something valuable and interesting. have extensive knowledge of each topic , can always give advice and help.
struggling with defects. do anything to get rid of the unpleasant traits of character, I can not accept others. Do not be selfish or smart. Always try to be alone. If you do not know their weaknesses, then ask not their parents, siblings or best friend.

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