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How to dress for an interview

How to dress for an interview clothes for the job candidate to a large extent influenced the decision to accept to work

candidates to work largely influenced the decision to accept the layout work can tell a lot about what man is man, unfortunately, a bit looking for a job paying attention to him, Here you will find tips ... how to dress for the interview, raise confidence and emphasize their professionalism.
clothing should be adapted to the position you are applying. Another candidate should be trained to work in banks and other entertainment animator.
Keep in mind that we applying for a job in a traditional or modern. former banks, law firms, insurance companies and accounting. Modern is such an interactive agency, advertising, fashion houses and clubs. In any case, however, already know what the company culture to be able to deliver one of these categories.
In any case, regardless of the position you are applying must look clean and neat. interview is not a fashion show. Not before the interview when we find out what are the standards of dress in the company. If we do this, then a job interview, will make the person feel that fits perfectly into the team.
specialists for an interview. better to choose a dark blue suit, gray, beige, brown or classic black skirt
should extend at least to the knee does not must be mini-skirts or shorts
Women should be clear - .. preferably white or beige. should avoid high neckline.
over medium-heeled shoes with hidden heels and toes. Jewellery Fine, toned. It should not have too much of yourself.
makeup soft, not very noticeable.
hair tied
classic suit the color dark blue or gray shirts
always with long sleeves - white or navy blue tie
sober, very distinctive, classic There must be nothing to do with Mickey Mouse St.
Clean - shoes .. just before the interview can be deleted -
earrings, rings, chains and other jewelry are not recommended for people applying for a job.
Before the interview you should shave. people without facial hair look tidy than men with a beard and mustache.

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