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What questions to ask your employer for an interview? ?

What questions to ask your employer for an interview at the end of each conversation, falling from a recruiter a question: Do you / have any questions or concerns that he / she wishes to Mr / Mrs explain It is currently set rekrutującemu? Although two or three issues

At the end of each conversation, falling from a recruiter a question: Do you / have any questions or concerns that he / she wishes to Mr / Mrs explain this is to ask at this point? Rekrutującemu although two or three questions.
Suggested questions that I present here are important to assess whether the position you are applying only really suits your needs. allow you to see how the company works and get information about what really goes on behind the door.
What u responsibility to stop the logs, I immediately granted? / u
see that the job title does not say much. Job Description will tell you what to expect, but it does not reveal any details. Cause you on your resume you present a detailed description of their accomplishments, which require employers to fairly presented to you as well as requirements relating to your position. You know, if it will happen that will require clean up the mess from the previous staff. If you would, If you will be able to do it? With such information will have a better idea of ​​what is happening in society and who is a former employee.
u why the previous employee resigns / u
How long worked in this position? In most cases, the employers response to the first question, an answer to another. But if he does not respond, be sure to ask about it. If the former employee worked in a relatively short time, you also want to May. to learn how they worked, someone who has been employed before to understand what is the meaning of these questions if the position you are applying for the continuous employment, as the previous two employees resigned - or was released - after a very short time, you do not need to ask any further questions . Make sure to elegantly finished talking and starting a business, as far as I can. even if you manage to get the job, will not be long before you go alone or youll get fired, because no matter what you do, and so it does not meet the requirements of the supervisor.
u Will you take me / you say something about the style of management in the enterprise? How to motivate Mr. / Mrs. workers on the job / u
This question will allow you to determine whether managers should be For those who care about every detail. the manager to have good contact with the staff, or perhaps still control the smallest ? br
will allow you to self-reliance by providing help when you need something you want to learn, of course No one will admit publicly that it is overly detailed Instead, they can say, for example:. & bdquo, I just watch what happens in my department, / em or My staff regularly make sure to keep the plan / em. You will find that recruiting will be eager to tell you about the style of management. It is, as you point out, the different ways to do it.
u What kind of good people in society / u
Are these people who like teamwork?
individualists who all tell the manager? Or workaholics? answer to that question will reveal the companys current beliefs. Someone who likes to be the leader will find teamwork. In the same way, the wrong person for the sale can not feel bad chained to his desk, surrounded by a meticulous, ordered colleagues. People who like to be independent Feel like the dictatorial approach, choking, and those who like to have a clearly defined range of activities, they will feel bad for a company that requires employees to be creative.
U How long do / you in this business? / u seafront Why did you decide / you so long to stay here / u This
question will give you a good picture of the atmosphere in the society. different ways to answer the recruiting will allow you to assess what type of person he is, what his management style, and that employees are values ​​in society.

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