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How to reduce stress

How to Reduce Stress Begin exercise, movement, begin to practice sport sport that you like as an example

start to exercise, movement, sports
begin to cultivate the sport that you enjoy such as swimming, dancing or cycling
People. Perform aerobic exercise - aerobics - for 35 minutes a day, three times week for 4 months with less emotional stress and mild depression
Meditate Learn to Meditate You can use books or CD .. learn the techniques of meditation and relaxation techniques, or enroll in a course or class in your town.
Research shows that more than half of these meditators 2.5 hours per week for 8 weeks reduced stress by 54 percent.
dream Go to sleep every 7-9 hours. Less sleep can adversely affect your ability to make decisions, interact with others and general anxiety.
Go to bed earlier
Go to bed about 30 minutes before the time that would otherwise go to bed. Before going to sleep is not something relaxing, like reading books or listening to calm music.
Give yourself a few times a month professional massage. It is expensive, but people who are regularly massaged to feel less anxious and less likely to suffer a headache.
Reduce intake of caffeine
Limit intake of caffeine, which has a stimulant effect. Instead, try herbal tea coffee.
Limit sipping coffee gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as headaches.
Buying travel
Treat yourself to rest. Research shows that people who work the holiday season often eight times less likely to die from heart attack than people who rarely leave.
Find a source of stress
Think about what makes you stressed. Look for the source of the problem, with what can be resolved. You may need to limit the enjoyment for a while and focus more on themselves, or opt for treatment that might reveal weaknesses that cause stress.

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