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How to thrive at work

How to advance on the job wondering how quickly promoted at work, read the following tips May prove to be very helpful for you

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Wondering how quickly promoted at work, read the following tips May prove to be very helpful for you
u Try to understand your boss / u
Objective: Once you understand to your boss and work, and will transfer to the same wavelength, and youre in a better position, because youll be able to meet his expectations, earning recognition and good will. In other words, the head to see what they are valuable and useful. What
take? you must specify your operating style and customize it.
If your boss is a nice, relaxed person who likes to have all employees to adjust and engaged in action, then it should help to develop team spirit for example, organizing a monthly lunch. This is the kind of initiative that will surely appreciate this kind of boss.
If your boss likes to keep everything under control and give orders, try to anticipate your needs and develop for him regularly on progress. Of course, the person or positive, friendly and intelligent. Even if sometimes you feel worse, try to always be enthusiastic about everything.
what not to do? does for the boss. not trying to be his best friend, its not a good way. pat on the shoulder and endless congratulations are very subtle and the head will not be for him. Besides, this way you will gain enemies among his colleagues.
u Loud presents his ideas at meetings / u
goal: .. Check out the other you have seen and heard a loud their ideas during meetings and meetings do not just sit and listen, try to look like an intelligent person indicates that you are in.. able to speak their ideas with others.
how to go about it? talk about important issues and share different perspectives, not personal opinion. It is here proper preparation. Prepare the night before the meeting, a brief summary of the speech, you can discuss new solutions, which have been introduced, or any matter, which helps to improve your business.
as does not work? monopolize the discussion for 10 minutes meaningless to ask questions or just say something. not voice your opinion, unless asked. If you do not have anything clever to say, shut up.
u Take care of your images / u
goal: ... Show that you care about your companys behavior presents a picture that you Take care of your appearance and show respect for his friends
What should I do? Do not worry about your clothes, hair and makeup . If you work in a bank, you should dress smartly and sensitively, but express your style you can wear a suit with appropriate accessories such as handbags, shoes or jewelry. If you work in a more creative field, you can try a more free style, but if no one else you whip to cover up their fingers.
what not to do? not wearing an elegant suit Buto in the fifth, when everyone else go in jeans. Do not fall into the extremes. not send a good signal when you come to work in lessons jeans, wrinkled shirt and sandals.
u Stay Organized. / u
goal: to show that you are a professional and flexible if they are well organized, you will be able to give the manager the documents before seeking
.. how do I do? dokument├│ww not store the binder in such a way that life is more complicated than it should. separate documents. same applies to your mailbox. Create subfolders to always be able to easily find what you need. Place the tray on the table for documents and sort them once a week at work is always neat and clean. clean and tidy desk clean and tidy mind.
What not to do? not concentrate more on how you are doing rather than what they are doing. It would be counterproductive. You Youll be so busy with documents and labels that will not be able to function normally. Do not make life more complicated than it actually is.
u Do not get carried away / u
aim: to show .. their resistance to stress and pressure, and professional management skills How to go about it first and
? most do not react under the influence of emotion, conflict, or as soon as any trouble. When you feel increasing pressure to alleviate the situation. It is best if you leave the room Give yourself some time. Exit the toilet or for a walk. drink a glass of water and take a few deep breaths. Wait 5 minutes and look at the problem in perspective, and when you are calm, go back and tell me what you have to say.
do not work? no crowds ... what would you say the message is what you want, but also control your emotions
u communicate with others / u
goal: communicating with others and inform them about their activities, show the boss who you can trust. When you are open, and show that they are friendly and responsible.
How do we do? Think about others. If you get stuck in traffic, call the office and tell the boss you are running late. same applies if you want to leave early to go to the dentist. Tell the boss, even if you do not have standard working hours. If you have personal problems, discuss them with your boss, trust him, and he will surely appreciate it.
what not to do ? not treat the office as a place to gossip. Your boss does not need to know what happens between Laura and Mark accounting, or why his wife left Tom Such rumors keep on an evening meeting for a drink
u share your ideas / u
goal: ... show their sense of initiative and ability to be on time. Show boss youre part of a team, not crazy individualist. Help team to climb up and contributes to the success of the company.
how do I do? Listen koleg├│wi share with them their knowledge and skills, which will be used if necessary. You can propose a plan of tasks to perform and define the tasks of each employee.
What do not I? not rip the person omniscient, and stick your nose in the awkward question because soon you will be unbearable. Do not condemn and do not tell them that they are doing something wrong. Instead, give them helpful suggestions.
Our goal is to win for the company as many customers and maintaining long-term cooperation with them. A good agent, therefore, must meet several basic criteria.
u Enchanted seller must in some way, potential customers and increase his confidence. / U
is important, so that professional killing r, clean and attractive appearance, but not too elegant. In a prominent place must be well-placed labels. Do not be afraid to go out with him and not leave it in the car, because knowing our customer information becomes much more appealing to our people.
seafront is now causing a series of questions designed to offer a perfect fit for our client. / U
idea is to prepare some good answers and that the customer selects one of them. The easiest way to do asking closed questions, eg He is Mr. handiwork, or you spend your time on the computer?. We assume that you choose either of these responses, we have uszykowanej arguments.
u offer competent representation. / U
Then we present our products, we rehearsed in advance, so you can easily and naturally point out the parts that suit made before the customer profile.
u make a decision. / U
If we have a little luck and proper to do the above elements of a customer decides to sign the contract. If, however, varies and is not sure, try to stimulate a desire to have a product, such as free advertising gimmick, a nice informational materials, etc. In the end, of course, leave a business card and say goodbye in a way that leaves no question that is still seen .

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