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How to master the art of persuasion

How to master the art of persuasion in terms of manipulation and beliefs should not hide anything bad

.. The terms manipulation and beliefs should not hide anything wrong Thats what he wants to share with you in this article is neither good nor bad It depends on the person who wants to take advantage of these tips and the purpose for which he works.
Some of the techniques described here May seem obvious, others will probably surprise you. Remember that the more of them will be managed, the better you will be able to manipulate others and convince them that their opinion.
u smile. / u
obvious, but still worth nadmienienia. smile infection more effectively than any virus. has a magical effect. the other hand, relaxes you and the person youre talking, opening the way for productive communication forget that smile must be sincere -. reaching the heart and soul, not just visible on the lips, but the whole body

u positive eye contact. / u
u / u Another obvious but still often not taken into account. not enough to look at another person, in fact it I see / em - .. no facade, but this is what a man really
u Wczuj the call / u
Empathy is a luxury that most people still do not want to afford, trying to convince someone to do something. Do not try to convince others that the case from your perspective, but Instead, try look at it through their eyes. Such a change point of view, can work wonders. Think about it before you start talking. Imagine what your friend thinks and how the world receives.
u Be honest and trustworthy. / u
treat the caller as someone of value, which is the same for you. Do not forget that he is entitled to their opinion regardless of how very different from yours. to everyone with dignity and respect. Your callers will appreciate and be more receptive to your suggestions.
u Tell a sincere compliment. / u This trick
favorite retailers, but most of them can not use it properly. never right false compliments, praise is always just what you think is really admirable. boast a better right thing, but it will lose credibility in trying to buy the other forces of grace.
u Connect any real agreement. / u
as agreed, I think the harmonious communication channel, in which each uczestnikó, talking watch the feelings of others, understand them and can be followed during the interview. pick up the conversation at this level, ask your callers questions and be genuinely interested in what he has to say. second method is called. mirror reflection .. Propagation behavior of another person, for example, sitting in different ways not to overdo it and do not mimic every move - thats what the amateurs try reflect the general attitude of the caller, his feelings of the greatest master-minded persuasion. . can imitate even breathing, his interlocutor. better agreement would establish a second person, the easier it will be persuaded to your point of view.
u Less talk, more listening. / u
golden rule is to must first understand that you understand. It involves listening with empathy. Learn this and wonders. People do not like it when they speak, they want to hear and understand. if you type speakers, learn how to be a listener.
u Be the first. / u

The basic principle of hypnosis. If the hypnotist wants his patient is relaxed, it must first relax. If you want to call the patients excitement, it must first demonstrate that he is excited. Otherwise, hypnosis will not be effective . same is true when it comes to the art of persuasion. If you want to convince someone of something, he must first believe in it. It makes sense, right?
u go first, then take it. / u
This rule applies to everyday life. If you think something is missing, give it to others. If you do not feel no one likes to give love to others. If others do not listen, and try to listen to them more often. This approach can really work wonders.
u expressing their emotions. / u
attempt to convince someone to their case only with the help of logic, is as effective to use a knife during the recording if you want to convince someone to do something, tell him how feel / em when you do not / see / buy / try to use the full range of emotions .. anger, happiness, jealousy, etc.. I remember it infect the other person with these feelings, you feel first. You know what I mean?
u affects all the senses. / u
If you want to master the art of persuasion, you must learn to act on all the senses. What can be said to stimulate sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. example if you want to convince someone to visit the restaurant to speak with him, so he felt really imagine the smell and taste of juicy, delicious cuisine, which is sitting in a climate wgryzie interior filled with sounds of your favorite music.
u modulated voice. / u
also helps you gain the attention of the listener when you learn how to modulate the voice. How to get to the key issues to speak more slowly or fast. raise your voice or turn it off. Imagine youre playing and want to show how best to communicate with the audience what you feel. If you want to be a master of persuasion, you have to master this skill to perfection.
u Consider all the reasons that can make your friend will agree with you. / u Trade
composed entirely of overcoming obstacles. Before you begin a conversation with the person you want to see something, think about what they can do that will be different from your sentence. in advance to prepare counter-arguments. might even be the first mention of these obstacles and to discredit them before your friend has time for reflection about them.
seafront to use questions that require the caller to confirm. / u
When you ask someone a question they finish the sentence: The Truth, It makes sense does not it?, will be agree , Do you understand? It is a powerful technique for establishing an agreement and force the caller matches the range of evidence. People rarely say no when it ended questions. You see now the power of this method? Check how many times I use it in this article.
u Force supports the full range of responses. / u
idea is to lead the conversation, so that in the course of their friends will have to admit that you are right so many times, that the Finally it will be very difficult to say No For example, the car could hold a conversation like this: . Hello Sir, you are looking for a new car, [Yes] Beautiful time we are out there, right? [To] Are you interested in a model of the Lord? [Yes, the model ....] So, would you look at it closer? [It] ... etc, etc.
use assumptions. / u
This is where you describe the other person, who will feel or what to do. You can say something like, One thing for sure you will love this car ...... You put on So other people will appreciate the item you are selling more features than that which your hands have just mentioned above sentences, you should use either. Youll soon find out that ... - eg When you live here, you will soon find that .. very quiet, peaceful neighborhood Truth - Youll soon see how powerful the techniques described herein and as more and more start agree with them: P
seafront bdquo and use words, because . / u
magic word, mainly because most people automatically accept anything to say after him. People often naive enough arguments, if they are preceded by a conjunction. Excuse me, if you will let me okay? I ask because I have only one thing. You know what I mean?
u uses the phrase Imagine. / u
In most cases, if you ask someone to do something to imagine, he will do it. why most marketing gurus sprzedawcówi often use that word. Imagine how wonderful you look through this serum liftingującemu.
u Using words that have a positive connotation. / u
u / u Whenever possible, try to avoid denials. Instead of saying Do not forget to buy bread, but says Do not forget to buy bread. brains do not think in a negative sense, because only the number of positives. For example, if someone said: I do not think more about your car It must first recall the picture of the car, and then realize that you do not think about it. better to use positive statements, because otherwise, you can achieve counterproductive.
Use seafront generalization / u
Most people means that generalizations are effective - is a generalization ... Hardly anyone wants to question what he does most, if you are able to convince his interlocutor that most people do something or have a position on a topic, you probably would agree with the view the majority.
u If you do not agree with the caller, get involved in this third party. / u
If you disagree with someone, do not say it directly, because it can cause unpleasant tension or lead to unnecessary arguments. Instead, say something like: I understand what you are doing, but if someone told you that what you say may be interesting, but I can not agree with you, because ... With this treatment, did not disagree with the caller, but unspecified third party that you used in the example. This technique works in every situation.
u Grab your piece of paper and pencil. / u
What? / em Almost hear you. You lead a conversation with one person who has had much to say, but not for love or money get each other penalties, if so, ask him to terminate, pick up a pen and paper, and then let it continue. While your party will be produced, and take notes of key findings, which are located in its expression. Believe me, this tactic will work a miracle. First, prove that the caller is indeed important to you. In the beginning, will be surprised and confused, but then it starts to feel better and better, trying to brain,. flagellum in a concrete manner Secondly, the list of key questions will allow you to focus on a conversation without having to remember their entire course Let the caller tells you how much it deems necessary .. May not agree with some of the text, to agree to another, or even pay attention to the statement that the caller spoke under the influence of emotions. in accordance with these guidelines, and rapid progress towards the top.

u try to visualize the conversation before it actually happens. / u
This is another very important point. Whenever you have before us is an important call, meeting or presentation, try to imagine their course. Focus on all the details. This is a very professional approach that will allow you avoid many unpleasant situations in which the event actually will be.

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