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How to properly praise

How to properly praise Maybe you live in the belief that your speech is not a problem

Maybe you live in the belief that your speech is not usually a problem for e-mails, text messages, or you do not need to speak to a wider audience, however, to achieve professional success and social need to learn .. good praise. People with Do not be afraid of silence, to feel comfortable, to resume only when the speech would be made on the appropriate line. People who use uh to illustrate your thought process seems to be less safe and are not considered experts. This is because it is commonly thought that if you knew what you were saying, do not pull all the constant mixing of uh.
u As if ..., something like .... / U
eliminate these phrases from your speech. Using them seems to be less confident in their strokes in. If you do not fully know what you mean, you look to compare the lead audiences to your way of thinking. This passive language that shows their weakness. Control is a phrase you use, and eliminate .. They blame a true leader never used a weak comparison
u not use the phrases: In general ... I think ... Im trying to say is .... / U
Limit the use of explanatory phrase just what youre trying to say. The easiest way to upset or bored students are losing valuable time for the vague explanation, putting the time comes to a point. Bad speaker who does not have anything interesting to say, is often used just such terms. Students often ignore such a speaker, even when I hear it, they became hostile towards him.
u Limit the use of the phrase I just ... and just. / U
I just thought it would be good to meet, just do not think its a good idea, I just thought it might add another point. It sounds like a translation. Only people who feel weak and threatened use of such words. people are confident and cool headed you are not sure what they want and not have to explain to anyone.
u Avoid absolute statements such as always rdquo and no. / u
you often use these words to describe your idea? This program always running, This company has never done nothing at the time. When you use such statements, is often asked whether certain that you are right. the word always be replaced with often and never to rarely. exception to this rule are the merchants. Professional seller must properly how to use absolute returns. speaking customers, the prices of their products are often lower than the competition, certainly not for sale. So, if you use a trader uncertainty, but this is rare. You must ensure that they are not lost in value.
u Learn to speak positively about the error. / u
Everyone makes mistakes, but only experts know how to get out of sposóbz Be careful in describing his failures and mistakes of others Avoid words wrong, mistakes and negligence are strong words that people can assign his person replacement statement .... limited success, it was wrong
, the effect was insufficient and far from expectations.
school u Do not use slang. / u
The shit Amazing, Cool, What a jerk. Over the years, should pay more attention to such expressions and use them very sparingly. At home or at a party with friends, they are acceptable, but the operation or during an official speech must at all costs try to avoid them. Will then seek an experienced and eloquent person . more professional synonyms for the word.
u not misused words or strings in the expression of nod - mm-HM -. / u
you often feel the need to demonstrate your interest and always nodded and the creation of them, just to sound professionals in the world, it is acceptable-but only if the minimum limit. this habit of distracting and reduce the authority in the eyes of others. If you call you will ever make peace, can be regarded as a bad person. its compliance with gestures to show the caller does not have enough energy in his eyes So you give the caller to understand that, that - .. has attracted your attention, but still has control over the conversation
u Stop impose their views / u
You know that you know what I mean?. - text that sounds like an intimidating people who use such terms are difficult to get fast support for poorly explained idea .. Instead of describing their ideas and motivate others to agree with them, forcing them to support something just under the pressure. Such people often offend listeners who do not want to necessarily agree with their views. People who often use such expressions are impatient and lack of concentration. In this way, they lose their audience.

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