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How to stay awake at work

How to stay awake at work was imprezowałeś late, you have small children or zarwałeś bat sitting on the project, you have to get up in the morning and go to work

It imprezowałeś late, you have small children or zarwałeś bat sitting on the project, you have to get up in the morning and go to work and not so easy to get into high speed all day, especially. When lack of sleep can continue to watch. Promise yourself constantly that you will sleep on a regular basis, and youll be wysypiał, if you manage to survive the day at work, not to be zdemaskowanym przysypianiu, or simply dozing off at all. Heres how to do it.
u Smell / u
strong odor, pleasant or unpleasant immediately put you on your feet is recommended that the essential oils obtained from the following plants: .. rosemary, eucalyptus, mint - studies have shown that smelling peppermint reduces fatigue by 5 percent, increases alertness to 30% and reduces frustration by 25% - and coffee - beans or ground, according to a study just smelling coffee can wake up a man -., oil of pine just open a bottle and take a deep breath wprowadzając body odor. Of course, not all hold the office bottle of essential oil. You can replace them, for instance, fragrant hand cream.
Acupressure u .. / u
u / u Acupressure is a type of massage consists of suppressing various parts of the body to encourage action to gently massage the top of the head, neck, hands - the place between your thumb and finger indicates -., a place just below the elbows and earlobes
u short nap / u
u / u If only you had the chance. and time, nap for 10-15 minutes. This despite the occurrence of sleep does wonders. wake up your alertness and concentration. For even better effect, drink a cup of coffee right after a nap.
u Light . / u
u / u Do not be shut in a dark environment, the absence of light increases the drowsiness. If you are indoors, and the day was dull shine more light. If the day is sunny, open windows, pick up all shutters blinds. open windows let some fresh air, which should further inspire you. see through the window, even on a cloudy day, the power of nature.
u discomfort. / u
not pleasure. stay on their feet as long as possible. If you have a sedentary job sitting in an uncomfortable chair and not fall asleep so fast, you will not think about sleep. Do not lean your head on his hands and is not supported. If the room is a little chilly, do not dress too warm. Heat causes drowsiness.
seafront exercises with the computer. / u
Just because you sit at your computer does not mean that wymigasz of exercise. Use muscles. tighten them stretch. For example, draw the arms and They make a circle, shaking his head. Rise from time to time, and go up.
u an empty stomach. / u Avoid
charged on the job. Decide on the meal, but a warm, full meal. point is the fact that we are not too good spending Break into small portions you eat an apple - .. their flavor will stimulate your taste buds -, raisins and sunflower seeds - take a small handful of seeds into his mouth, put them on one side of the mouth where; rymś cheek .. , get one with the language of seeds and crushed one by one, youll be busy enough to not think about sleep -
u energetic music / u

Do not listen to music that promotes sleep, even If you like it, unsubscribe from it today. Turn something that you wake up. If you move to music, just nod your head or pressure of my foot. Just do not forget that this music does not disturb your fellow
u every 30 minutes , do the following:. / u Home - Get up and jump for 2-3 minutes, Home - March in place strongly, Home - go to the toilet and face with cold water, offal, home - a cold Drink, Home - Brush your teeth, Home -. chewing gum, preferably mint

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