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What questions to pass the selection?

Which issues go through the employment One of the disadvantages of doing his job is the need to hire additional staff

One of the disadvantages of doing his job is the need to hire additional staff to be your own boss sounds great, but is also associated with the admission and dismissal of employees of large companies have HR professionals who are familiar with the bidding process .., Legal and tricks for selecting the best candidate. If you can not afford such luxury, you must own employment interview. In this article you will learn what questions to ask when you call and what questions should be avoided.
ago .. ask the first question, no Fear for the assessment of employees because of their appearance, punctuality and attitude toward yourself, first impression is also important
to determine the qualifications of candidates in an objective, ask: Home - Why give up Mr / Ms from a previous job Home - What are the advantages of and disadvantages of the prior work Home - What is the best and the worst of those that Mr. / Ms do Home - What is love Mr / Ms, and what not from your previous employers home page -? Can a gentleman / lady earlier in a similar position Home - What are your / your long term goals Home - What computer programs / accounting / sales? gentleman / lady known to which of them had worked for Mr / Ms before Home -? How well do you know / You Home Modern information technology - he has a gentleman / lady in a similar position in what the company is what exactly? Mr / Ms occupied Home - What do you / your previous employer is thinking about you / your work Home - Who is the Lord / Lady of the previous work to given Mr / Ms good references who would have made for you / you negatively? Why Home - Who can I contact you to verify your references / Home - you / your written proof of his / her professional achievements Home - How would you describe / Madam your working style ? br - Did you / have any problems in previous work, what would you / your experiences Home - How to get along with MR / Ms with their fellow Home - How would you describe / Madam your habits at work? What is the Lord / Lady of the most important profession in the Home - where necessary, a gentleman / lady is ready to work after hours and weekends Home - Do you have / your driving license How old is Mr. / Ms. active driver Home - Do you / have any questions about the site for which you are / are applying for Home - If you / How you start to notice includes a Lord / Lady of the previous employer
to determine the qualifications of candidates, he must ask the right questions must remember, however, that the candidate has the right to privacy, and some things just can not avoid asking the following topics: Home - nationality, race Home - .. sex, marital status, family status, pregnancy, number of children Home - Age of Home - Home Religion - crime - if the position does not require a criminal record, such as the government - Home - dependence are associated with the work of Home - Sexual orientation

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