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How to make an effective presentation in Power Point

How to make an effective presentation in Power Point, allegedly one of the seven most stressful things a person looks in public

.. Apparently one of the seven most stressful things a person looks Public Many people in practical ways, forged in the ability to speak to the audience, however, there are ways that can help you to effectively communicate the content of the speech the audience One . mode is well done and presented a presentation
Here are some tips that will help you create an effective presentation in Power Point. Set a clear goal
his speech before you start preparing materials Analyze your students for their own. involvement and interest in subject, able to attract their attention and level of understanding of the material presented. Prepare a presentation, so that it is possible to meet the demands of the public.
creative approach in selection of the background slide presentation. Many people think that they must reduce. standard options offered by But there are many manufacturers web site - including Microsoft - where you can download free templates best perishable goods on presentation uses templates and colors that are suitable for industry or area. related to the topic of your speech.
Turn audience of the show placing information on the slides, which are related to their work or making such slides, which will require a response from them about issues in a way that you know. If you know your audience and invite them by name. This will help encourage the audience to actively participate in discussions and youll get your interest.
not put too much text on slides. Many, unfortunately, still in favor of large quantities of slides full of text. general rule is to not put on a slide of more than 5 lines of text. best if they are short phrases reflect the essence of the problem. good way to introduce the content of the cartoon drawings. But before you decide to use, make sure that the style of presentation does not offend anyone in the audience.
slides pictures of things that can not be described in words, such as photographs, diagrams, charts. Remember that presentation is designed to complement your speech.
ve never read the slide! presentation is just to illustrate the issues raised during his speech, but not its content may be scored for a dozen slides. Remember that practice makes perfect.
dress so as not to distract attention from exposure. bright colors and shiny jewelry can make you lose your audience.

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