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How to avoid burnout, as a teacher

How to avoid burnout, work as a teacher of teachers with the time it may become more and more boring and tiring

teachers work with the time it may become more and more boring and tiring tired and overworked teachers often burn victim Low salaries and a great responsibility, so that it completely loses motivation and willingness to work.? What do To avoid teacher burnout and keep youthful enthusiasm Here are a few ways:
Ask for help other teachers, parents and students apply the ideas, plan training plan with other teachers or ask if you can visit. his watch. Lead some simple lessons to engage working students and divide them into groups, to organize the competition, presentation, reading newspapers, get a parent who is an expert in this subject in the classroom. motivate students with additional marks for activity.
Registration for courses and training for teachers, participate in discussions on the Internet. try to contact with teachers from other schools and provinces, talk to them about their use of teaching methods.
to everyone for another year like its your first. This is the easiest to use classroom materials prepared in previous years, But this leads to stagnation. constantly improved and upgraded their lessons, to use modern teaching methods, try different options to present the same topic.
Whenever possible, devoting a weekend to rest. Most teachers have their work at home and carry with it every night and on weekends. To prevent burnout, take time for yourself!
Imagine extra college. Apply for postgraduate studies, which will give you the right to teach other subject. This will provide a new and interesting challenge.
take care of yourself and get enough sleep, plenty of exercise and healthy eating.

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