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How to treat burning

How to treat burning, Do what you love to do

Do what you love to do. Weve all heard it before this is great advice, but very few people that have heart, however, sometimes a baby .. his work is not enough. Very difficult to maintain long-term inspiration, passion and commitment. always somewhere then disappear when you need them most.
know that feeling? are already so close to completion of the project, achievements, or are already at the end of a long list of things to do ... but you have no power lost interest Youre tired why
Burnout syndrome, in other words - ....? burnout. Burnout is the result of stress caused by overwork, and affects more people. Here are some ways to cope with burnout and its prevention.
in measuring progress. / u
Focusing on a large project and purpose can lead to burnout. Its like driving a car under a large hill. You can go for hours, but the peak appears to you to be as it was in the beginning, Despite the fact that it goes really fast
Solution: You must find a way to measure every bit
whichve made in connection with its task - Project - an example ..: Home - Use your laptop, notebook or Save the calendar its effect is very important to Home - ... Select kilometers separated you from your goal, for example, if youre a writer, it can be one kilometers chapter or every 500-1000 words Home -. If kilometers are not obvious, try to create them yourself For example, if you go to zawod├│ww running for distance running start from smaller distances. -. even if it is very easy for you Home -. Try to visualize your progress in a visual form can be, for example, download monitor at least one view shows you exactly what progress has been made .. You can choose any visual form - it need not be detailed to only show the progress they are doing every day
learn to appreciate small achievements and try to enjoy every little

.. u
Inspiration / u.
One of the biggest myths about the inspiration of the opinion that it is a coincidence. One day youre inspired and motivated, and next to feel reluctant to work and complete combustion. In fact, the inspiration is the same as any other skill. can occur in unexpected moments, but when it develops and practice turns into something on which you can rely on.
So, as an inspiration to exercise ? try to type submersion. Surround yourself with things that inspire you and reflect your goals. great composers, listen to music. writers avidly read all the books. Great marketers to participate in seminars, etc. This makes it all will not complain about the lack of inspiration and your mind will work more efficiently. most of his life be an inspiration, it is less likely to fatigue training. So, keep that in mind and be creative.
u less work / u
Reduce the amount of energy devoted to work and his duration to take annual leave or sick leave if you are just forced to work fewer hours a day - ... even if it means. abandonment of several new projects Shorter work does not decrease your competition Your work may not be effective to achieve this ..
- Eliminate unnecessary tasks Home - plan their vacation Home - Stop do several things at once Home - seek help from other people
u define success in a real way . / u
There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreams and high ambitions. But if youre constantly frustrated by the lack of progress may mean that you should carefully consider your goals. Are achievable? Do not set the bar too high?
Take a piece of paper and write on it and its great ambitious goals. Now write at least 10 concrete and specific measures that will lead to achieving their goal. Try to be as accurate as possible. If you can not figure out the next step is to say that you must either redefine the goal, or consider a different phase.
u Sleep more. / u
I know that I have heard and I, however, did not stop me, contrary to common sense, to work long into the night daily, after 7-8 hours of sleep requires a conscious decision and persistence - ... and, like other habits takes time -. Read How to change your habits - .! Hurry Earn more, faster!
u Edition / u
whole world starts to scream. Although these words are not necessarily bad it can make you feel helpless and tired If you do not want to burn professional, therefore, should not slow down - .... at least 10 minutes a day spent in quiet and peaceful place Breathe Home - When you start to feel exhausted, allow free and relaxing music Home -. to limit the number of tasks you perform every day Home - Reduce the number of meetings .. Are you absolutely have to go somewhere or do something ? br Get u
opinion. / u
your friends and family can quickly see your character than you burn. For this reason, you should always listen carefully to them. If the next time your wife, parents or friends say youre working too hard to take it to heart.
seafront boundary markers. / u Insert
combustion occurs; wczas when the boundaries between work and private life have become blurred and fluid Therefore, you must set clear and firm boundaries more precise will be better
example, instead of order Every evening I spent with his family ... at least 3 hours, Opt clearly and specifically not going to work after 19 hours since my time will be reserved exclusively for my family. Such decisions are easier to implement.

As I wyznaczysz border showing them the light. Tell your family that you will now spend time with them starting at 19 certainly help you keep your word. inform customers that some time you are no longer available . These activities will reduce the temptation to break the previously set limits to you.
u Focus while you work. / u
Focusing on the work will make you less exhausted than when you think about different things at once if it buys time to eliminate any interference -. for example, turn off instant messaging, television -. and work wholeheartedly
Create seafront market / u
If you are a person of diverse interests -. a who is not - its likely that you have some very different from each other in commerce, and ideas that are still out there somewhere in your head. These ideas need outlets. If you keep to yourself you can look forward to frustration and then burning .
In other words, start at the side of several new projects that will give vent to their creative energy. Remember, however, bear in mind the priorities of your business.

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