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How safe for a child to arrange the office

How safe for a child to arrange Office Home offices are becoming more popular and more and more people are working only at home

Offices are becoming more popular and more and more people are working only at home where you learn how to decorate your office, be sure your child
all cables. Special clasp fasten your desk, on which they You can replace the lid. Replace the cover on the AC adapter to the computer.
Create plugs in unused spaces. Remember strings from the shutters, they should not hold hands in the range of the child.
Cover the monitor, keyboard, printer and speakers when not in use. It will not attract the attention of small sticks.
put keyboard to the monitor or on a shelf, so that the child does not have downloaded it.
Seatbelts for all desktop computer equipment on the boy did not bring it on it.
cabinets of documents that can be used to lock. drawers are the best ones will be locked. If you close his office door key.
shelves, cabinets, etc. The best screw to the wall, because they are generally high, and sometimes furniture could fall if the child something to hit. Never allow a child tied to the rack.
bin should be covered. ejected staples, paper clips and other dangerous implements office, may endanger the boy.
Hold paper shredder on a high shelf or in a lockable cabinet. Do not leave it connected to the mains.
not leave the table of pens, pencils, paper clips, staples, punches, etc. Always lock them in a drawer. pads and discs should also be Keep out of reach of children.
All your important documents close at the end of the government. child with a pencil or pen can do incredible destruction.
Place the phone and fax on a higher shelf when not in use.

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