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How to give praise and blame

How to give praise and blame Ability to praise their employees and providing the revolver is one of the key, which should have every manager

ability to praise their employees and providing the revolver is one of the key that every manager should possess the exact transmission of the comments on his subordinates in the list of important factors that determine the motivation of employees to their jobs Here are some tips on the award of praise and reprimands.
admonition may only four eyes. Never in the presence of third parties.
Never compare one employee to another. Just refer to the standards that prevail in society.
criticize and praise for the behavior, not general behavior.
criticize, always immediately after the action that caused our discontent. Never put off for later reprimanded.
in giving admonition to ask employees about the reasons for certain behaviors, and seek to explain how it intends to retain in the future when similar
Praise -. contrary to the provision of a revolver -. in the presence of a third party, publicly and loudly and more people hear the praises addressed to the individual employee, the better. Praise more motivated to repeat a behavior out of fear of punishment because of lack of such behavior.
should not be granted an employee of praise too often, because they lose value. As with sweets. a candy at the same time will taste more than eating the whole bag in a short time.
Employees should be praised when something separately. If someone works very well and almost every day of his work gives better results than the work of other employees, should also be rewarded in the form of financial, rather than praise each day. praise when someone does something special for more than their personal standards.

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