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How to destress

How to De-Stress Going through life daily encounter various obstacles and challenges that are stressed and anxious

Going through life daily encounter various obstacles and challenges that are stressed and worried because we need to be relaxed without any tension, break away from routine and find your own ways to relieve stress below .. There are 8 simple ways to combat stress and emotional release of tension.
u massage your ears. / u
ear massage is a wonderful way to release endorphins in the brain and improves mood. best in this method is that the de- stress just a few minutes of massage. Begin gently podszczypywania ear using the thumb and forefinger. Then knead the outer edge of the ear, from bottom to top. This part of the ear reflexology points that oppression can relax different body parts. Finish massage to massage the middle and index finger on the skin behind the ear .
u finger painting. / u If you think that
pobrudzisz finger image is only good for kids, think again. Painting fingers will allow you to have fun, demonstrate artistic ability and I feel like a child. addition have the opportunity to show their creativity and spontaneity. so why should not the creator of abstract labor? Visit the nearest convenience store for kids, and get the finger paints.
u Clean EWS. j lounge / u
Think how many different things in the house, especially in the living room - a place where you spend most of their time and chilling out Now go to. it, clean and learn the art of minimalism. Get rid of all the things you do not use or need. discard or give someone all decorations and unnecessary equipment. Open and clean rooms are much more quiet. Also included is easier to relax when they are surrounded by various objects. All items such as laundry basket, documents from work, electronics, and even books and magazines are received from the subconscious as a signal that we have something to do.
u Try Laughter Yoga. / u
Everyone knows the power of laughter. We know that laughter improves mood and is the best thing you can do to improve your mood, J. In addition, the opportunity to laugh normally does not happen often, and laugh comes not just fun and crazy way to uncontrollable laughter is to find a schedule -. preferably by Google - club or yoga studio, which Laughter Yoga is. It is possible that in the beginning you have to go outside your comfort zone, but I assure you that it will finally satisfied and pleasantly surprised.
u hesitate. / u
Write down the things you do and not do them until you feel that you want to do something. May you find more time to not do anything, or anyone else you can free. If you disagree or do not like something does not feel the enthusiasm, it should not do .
u Be brutally honest. / u Have you ever felt frustrated because
you wanted someone to say something, but I did it - because you did not know what will happen or how that person will be feel when you say it - instead of the bottle it is an issue that causes stress and pressure just do not ask why Show the world your emotions and tell people what you really feel - not to be, but never unkind, and not make another upset -. Be brave to see how feel relief
u dance in the rain. / u
How many times have you seen people fall into anger and running in a protected place where the rain starts? next time the rain starts, play a little,
u What are your goals? / U
this question we face every day. So often we hear that we no longer ignore them. However, it should be attention to their words. Your goals are your own, and not someone else. One can not impose its own definition of happiness and success and then expect to be satisfied and we apply this success.
difficulty arises at this point and demonstrates our natural reaction, of course, keep your passions in life. But is it really? Where are your idea of ​​success? from parents, or maybe youve heard about in the media? Society suggested that you need to be rich, beautiful, handsome and famous. But is it really your goals? Are you absolutely sure that what you want and youll be so happy? not suggest an answer here, just ask. So the probability that such a thing makes you happy. Br seafront
internal goals -?. most important goals in life / u
But why do not I remember the happiness and success at the same time our real, internal goals are highly related to our happiness are the things that we believe we uszczęśliwiają Try to remember what is now directed example -.? ..? looking for a new job to ask the question why Maybe because of higher earnings or nicer staff co. yet? An easy way to work or more leisure time. And what you get then? Ask questions until you will not have any answer. With this method you will discover your inner purpose.
short stories. He lived a great businessman who went on vacation to a distant beach. One day while walking ran into a local fisherman, who was lying on leżaczku with a fishing rod in one hand and a beer in another and enjoy the wonderful weather. business man immediately noticed the business idea. seats for fishing is a gold mine. Why are you so stupid he asked the fisherman. Rent a boat, hire a few people in a few years ago my little store grow into a big business worth several million U.S. dollars. Rybak said, well, what will you do to have a few million dollars? businessman replied, well, I had so much free time that I could sit in the sun all day and drink beer! .
a young student at the seminar said that a man can be happy, even if you are poor. It was met with a number of sarcastic comments from the public. However, if this is hard to believe? basic course material is required. But other than that, nothing else we need. Why we are against this theory? Why is it fear?
seafront Conversion Goals / u
And then what? As you accomplish your goals, try to focus all of its internal activities to achieve them. If you reach them, the external targets will make it much easier to achieve.
Are any of the following statements sound familiar? How will I be rich I will be independent. If you find a lover Ill have more confidence. If my husband stop drinking so much Ill be happy.
is acting in the opposite direction does not seem to be more logical? If you first increase your self-esteem is more attractive to potential lovers Increase independence is easier to make money and maybe - .. If youll be happier, your spouse will no longer see the need to drink
All this is easy. achieved when we realize that internal goals are always possible to fulfill their exercise, if you put a little time and effort. goals are often subject to external restrictions can not be overcome, no matter how we try.
example, fifty sick is almost impossible to become a professional boxer but if his goal was to build inner confidence and self-confidence will be no matter how old she is and what is his health -. All of it will be possible.
People who have no external purpose to do what makes them happy.
getting further in that direction very quickly notice that the internal goals and leading them to target.
goals seafront impermanence / u
You must realize that our goals are not constant. changes reflect changes in external purposes in our interior. goals are not permanent and do not last forever. Nothing lasts. stop looking for something you do for a living. Of course it is possible to find something for everyone, but in most cases, depending on your current needs will be changed.
One such person was younger, she put all her energy and time in the pits. for that, even given his obsession studiówi work. Boxing is a strange choice, because the boy did not have much talent, he was a guy. very quiet and retiring backwards, it is the sense - that is the fulfillment purposes internally boy became stronger and more confident boy also need to get rid of anger and frustration when he reached his goals, boxing has become ... invalid and went to the final plan.
u need for action / u
during the course of planning and thinking, however, is also a time for action. Many individual B, who are looking for purpose in life and stop thinking of him at that point. be stopped to avoid the risk, perhaps for fear of leaving her safe life so far, to avoid disagreements or any other reason.
Sometimes the best way to find purpose in life is to go with the flow and take action - even those that are not quite sure Remember -. Sometimes it is enough to start, as you follow the right direction, it will be hard to stop.

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