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Free software for designing gardens

. Free software for garden design garden design is difficult, especially for those who have no experience in this field

garden design is difficult, especially for those who have no experience in this area, obviously, more and more likely to do something, the easier it seems like the saying goes - .. Practice makes perfect. But, if you newcomer to gardening, do not usually know which of flowers and plants, and with each other without problems, as they grow, they reach maximum height, and when they bloom. Gardening is much more than making a few trees and flowers and make them look good along.
Virtual Garden
Virtual Garden is a free program for interior gardens. In the beginning set the dimensions of our virtual garden, and then select the model of the garden ready, or getting your own design from scratch.
program is not easy and you must work hard to eventually form something beautiful.
downside is the inability to print your project and English interface.

program for designing gardens and space in front of the home Easy to use, already completed projects - you can create your own from scratch -.
large database objects - more than 2000.
Garden Composer 3D Plus PL - Program fees, cost around 70 -.
This program is considered by many best program for gardens and green space contains a very large base of plants - about 9tyś - as well as ready-base element for this program you can design your own garden, and a large park in the city -. 3D Garden Composer is suitable for beginners as well as experts in designing gardens and landscapes program very well reflect the reality. -. and garden and its environment program has been enhanced with the ability to use sophisticated digital imaging, graphics, texture editor, support for krzywch, more finished objects and elements of geographical coordinates and shape of the plant wizard
are available. modules
* Plant Encyclopedia * designer of gardens
* Calendar * Editor *
Encyclopedia of plant diseases and pests
* Construction * Coffee
* Games Gardening

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