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How to ask the boss for a raise

How to ask the boss for a raise Do not wait for him until he falls head over the idea to give you a raise

... Do not wait until it comes up heads, you raise the idea that you can never wait for it instead of living with hope and dreams to take matters into their own hands and remember to ask for a raise and maintain appropriate signs. Read this advice and start working.
I believe you can get a raise. Plan what you want to tell your boss if you ask for a raise. If youre nervous and unsure, your head will not hesitate and be confident about whether you raise.
Keep an open debate behind closed doors, away from other colleagues. Head Start talking to do with the company for x years, never late to work, I never take sick leave, you have been a few times late at night to complete homework and take on the job after he finished. Your task is to show that you are sacrificing for the good of the company.
Make a list of reasons why you think you deserve a higher salary than previously gotten Do not say ... do a lot more work than Eve Replace the reasons for his personal development over time Good reasons include: time management, reliability, get ready for the second person familiar with its nerve. If you get a canned response to specific provocation, youll be able to remain calm and clear thinking. Do not be surprised .
educate another person who is attacking you verbally. Suppose, for example, why is yelling at me, why the Lord so aggressive? These words will direct all their energies against your enemies. For a split second to wonder what it actually does and it is likely to be quiet. Many people do not realize that behaves aggressively.
Another way to attract the attention of the enemy is to identify the voice of his emotional state, as I can see that the Lord has really really bad, it looks as if the Lord really upset. These words will have the same effect as those specified in section 5.
Do not get caught in the opponents arguments. purpose of each argument you manipulate the way that I do not know what to say other witnesses and arguments had no doubt that won this battle. If you do not participate in the fighting is not what you win and you will do that for other people better person.
few weeks in my house, happened in this situation. neighbor is out of the parking lot, while the other went through a neighbor with a dog. just so happened that a car drove into a puddle of water and lapped at the dog. dog owner and the chestnut on the face and it seemed that he wanted to beat the culprit.
exchange of opinions is as follows: Home - Ch ... ochlapałeś my dog, the driver looked at the dog and laughed at because they were not even aware that he was driving into a puddle, and the whole situation seemed to him absurd. A few drops of water fell on the dogs head and the owner wants to beat him to it. driver answered
Oh, sorry. I did notice a puddle, but the dog owner did not listen. You pillar ... chu .. ochlapałeś in a pool and wjechałeś ochlapałeś it!. Home - I told Im sorry. Im sorry that your dog lapped. I wanted. It was an accident - the driver again apologized. attitude of dog owners has changed the Home - But it happened, and I wkur .... Home - I see youre angry, but it was an accident. dog owner has started to go. Home - Im sorry that you naskoczyłem. Just the same thing happened last night. Home - Oh, I understand. Well, see you.
driver is laughed again, the fact that a stranger wanted to fight for such trivial things especially with a dog walk in the rain.
This story shows how different things can annoy different people. However, you can deal with their anger by making them aware of their polite behavior.
But if not all of these tips, remember that the best place on the first blow your nose.

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