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How to improve eyesight

How to improve eyesight in the last 10-15 years there has been a significant increase in the number of people who wear glasses and contact lenses

in the last 10-15 years there has been a significant increase in the number of people who wear glasses and contact lenses This can be explained by a drastic increase in how much time we spend on computers both at home and at work., Often watching television this The good news for ophthalmologists around the world - .. but very bad for us
Our eyes need regular exercise to stay healthy -. just like all the muscles of Many We do not know that our eyes in many cases should not glasses If carried out systematically. In addition, you should know to wear glasses or contact lenses with time causes even greater deterioration in vision. eyes grow accustomed to them and after a while even stronger when they need glasses to see well.
possible that This statement will be somewhat controversial to many people cause a lot of complaints. But the truth is that if all people perform daily exercises under the eyes, that he would lose 90 percent of optometrists.
course, there are exceptions and many people need glasses because of inherent problems with vision, but most people would avoid them wearing only a few weeks of exercise. Even if they do not believe in what you have to lose? you can only get.
u flashing eyes
/ u

Blinking is often overlooked, easy way to maintain proper hydration and fresh eyes. people who use the computer normally blink less often, especially when you still have to focus on something. exercise is so simple that you can start to do them now. More More two minutes, his eyes flashing about every 3-4 seconds. now for two minutes of rest. Keep in mind that if your eyes are strained, relaxed, or tired. Now try not to blink for about 30 seconds to two minutes. Can you tell Unlike
frequency flicker and I can tell you something about the mood of another person when someone looks at you and not blinking eyes -?. or very rarely blink - it may mean that his anger and aggression at the time. But if your friend will blink every 3-4 seconds, it means a friendly and comfortable relationship.
u hands covering his eyes / u
hands cover your eyes reduces the tension around the eyes. This procedure should be done while working on computer.
instructions take a few deep breaths before starting exercise.
2 Lean your elbows on your desk or lean them rest in your lap. Close your eyes.
3rd place both hands on face, so that the fingers were on the forehead, the hand tool is covered by the eyes and the base is based on the cheekbones Make sure your hands are free to blink and do not oppress
eyelids cover the eyes with his hands and eyes blinking in the darkness - .. it can be in your hands - it causes relaxation and for our eyes and mind. After several minutes of exercise will feel a significant difference in mood.
u eight / u
This exercise will strengthen muscles and eyes increase your flexibility Imagine a large figure 8 is located approximately three meters in front of me now turn eight on its side - .. looks like the infinity sign -. Do not move the eyes for a few practices. minutes, and then change direction - start scanning lead infinity sign in the other direction
u setting eyes on the far and near point / u
is one of my. favorite exercises This can be done almost anywhere and not be subjected to strange looks from other people
Instructions: ..
first sit or stand exercise will take you on a journey around 2-3 minutes .. br
2 Scroll thumb each other at a distance of about 10 cm and focus on it. third
Now focus your eyes on something far away from you for about 10-20 meters.
4 Begin to breathe deeply. With each breath changes the point at which to look. see an inch, and the next breath complain 10-20 meters
exercises to strengthen eye muscles and improve overall vision.
u Zoom / u
This is another simple and quick to do exercises.
.. Instructions: Sit
first in a comfortable position
second stretch out your hand with your thumb in the third state to catch the foot
Focus your eyes on your thumb - hold arms straight.
4 Now slowly begin to assemble thumb eyes focused on him the entire time you will be at a distance from about 8 inches from your face.
fifth time now slowly starting to move away again from one thumb up arm straightens
six exercises are performed for a few minutes a day
This exercise will strengthen the eye muscles and your ability to focus vision - visual stimulation .. -.

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