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How to do the voice

How to do the voice phone is ringing

Phone rings Lift the phone and greets the caller with you without giving his name, but you know whos talking, even if you have not heard for 10 years as it is possible there are no secret. Vote of each one of us is so distinctive and recognizable as a signature. You and your voice are one. For this reason, the voice that we use it. This article is particularly important for speakers, teachers, or telemarketers. However, anyone who wants to develop a beautiful and pleasant voice should refer to the peaks listed here.
u Before speaking take care of the vocal cords. / u Avoid cold drinks. wants to put out hot or lukewarm tea and juice. for 2-3 minutes before the speech is not to drink any liquids.
u speaks fluently. / u Try not to do too many pauses, pretending that you are looking for the right words. This kind of distracted listeners and makes them think that you forgot to text. u speaks
natural, conversational tone. / u No need to sound like the speaker, who after all are not. Your audience wants to see his true self and appreciate the sincerity of his voice.
u Consider speaking at a faster pace. / u Students will understand, even when we talk soon. our brains to see the words of two to three times faster than normal rate of speech. Think of mówcach who gave you the most dynamic. said quickly? prefer.
remember przeginać with the speed of speech. does not say as a presenter on telezakupach. develop such a speed, so that your speech did not sound artificial.
u Keep audience attention by changing the speed of speech. / u to emphasize the main points of the entire speech or flowing from it, skillfully use a break.
u Speak clearly. / u to lose the listener does not hear what was said. pronounce words in such a manner that people immediately understand.
u maintain a comfortable level. / u Do not scream, but it is important to everyone today, you heard me. ensure that appropriate modulation. As the pace of the voice, also change the volume.
u Select the desired pitch. / u Do you think the music charts. are present in the treble, this low and ranges from between the two. monotonous teacher will keep a tone of voice, but the last Sleep inevitable audience. If you want to keep the interest of the audience, change pitch, using the treble again, a bass.
Remember seafront proper breathing. / u attractive tone of voice tell me when you breathe on a regular basis, using a membrane.
u From time to time, make a break. / u Keep in mind that a pause in the eyes of the audience not is the same as the speaker in. May not seem to have forgotten something. Use pauses to emphasize important points of the speech. With proper articulation, allow listeners to capture the essence of the problem in question.
u Whenever possible, analyze quality your voice. / u Voice recording and listen to them. If you are not able to work on his voice alone, consult experts who deal with the issue of voting.
u forget to vote always belonged to you. / u Do not try to imitate anyone. Work on the fact that your voice is beautiful, but still your voice. Remember that for you as a character, that fingerprints.

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