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How to protect your eyes

How to protect your eyes, constant visual concentration

constant visual concentration - work on the computer, watching television and frequent driving, have a significant impact on the deterioration of vision eyes are irritated, bake, and often teary How to take care of your vision
..? Br Set job
* exact distance from the monitor is about 60 cm.
* background behind the monitor should not be too dark. High contrast between the dark background and bright monitor very tired eyes.
Dry air has a negative impact on our the eyes. Ensure that the room in which the work was a humidifier. While the outside temperature allows, often wietrzmy room.
* Except monitors put a pot plant. green effect a beneficial effect on our eyes and well-being of plants and improve air quality
relaxation exercises - .. eye-fitness - fitness
eyes are exercises that relax and strengthen muscles corneal exercise should be repeated every hour ..
* Rest of computer vision and move their gaze into the distance. best viewed through the window, view of trees and shrubs.
* Sit comfortably in his chair. Buttons eye staggers highest circles, first in one direction and then in another.
* Exercises to improve accommodation. Place your finger on the distance of about 20 cm from your eyes. look carefully at him, then quickly move your eyes on the object specified.
* Close your eyes for 10 seconds then open and blink for one minute. flashing improves hydration of the eye.
If you often forget to exercise sight, install free software on your computer remind you of the breaks at work. Workrave is a program that has detailed instructions for exercises to perform in front of the computer.
vitamins for eye
regularly consumes vitamin for his eyes. They include nutritional components that make a positive impact on improving eyesight and reduce eye strain.
* Visiomaxi - Protection against loss of vision, cataracts and blindness, to assist in restoring visual acuity, indicated for people who spend lots of time to computer, television, for those who often lead car
Vitavision * -. are the ingredients of this preparation improves the ability to review, reduce symptoms of eyestrain prevent bleeding in the retina and improve visual acuity
Maxivision * - ... in capsules Lutein protects eyes from UV radiation, and contained vitamin C and E protect against free radicals
Care Cosmetic
swab soaked in a fresh, strong and black tea, and then applied to the eyes. wrap to hold about 10 min.

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