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How to be a big boss

How to be a leader of an ideal boss is a rare breed

ideal boss is a rare breed How, therefore, be a great manager if you want your employees are more productive, respected, and carries out his orders with a smile, follow the instructions below

.?. Check your emotions.
supervisor perceptions by subordinates depends largely on its ability to control emotions. Even an outburst of uncontrolled behavior can become destructive.
to their subordinates in such a way that youll want to be treated.
not try emphasize that their behavior are their supervisor. much more gain in the eyes of their employees if they are treated as partners., displaying confidence and concern for each of their subordinates will gain the respect and esteem.
always and continuously inform their employees about what is happening in society.
this purpose should regularly organize information sessions. invite your child to ask questions and be polite in responding to emerging questions concern and controversy. Remember to always be on the side of his employees, not against them.
Conference of responsibility often and effectively.
never been done by someone to do the job, who did not want to do. be interested in the work of their subordinates, to ask how they work, but they never follow, the term and do not look at each
u show your enthusiasm. Make sure everyone in your group of subordinates, was aware of priorities.
to everyone equally.
not favor anybody. Each of his subordinates should feel equally valuable and important.

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