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How to find a job after graduation

How to find a job after graduation each graduate received a diploma on the day means that the world is standing in front of him

Each graduate on receipt of a diploma means that the world is open for him, but as soon as you leave the university walls to see that the market is full of craftsmen and engineers unemployed, and higher education is not guaranteed. Employment. What to do get a job after graduation? This question arises every year hundreds of thousands of young people. Here are some tips that can help you find your way in this new reality.
Check on the internet, which is an industry related to their field of study in the region . Do not wait until one of them will put a job ad. best person to go to the company and ask if they are not looking for a skilled worker, such as yours. Carry your resume and cover letter, you need to justify why you are interested in work in a particular society. Remember that the letter is always aligned with the profile of a particular company. If your company does not currently hiring, offer to leave your documents for the future. Search
to date job offers posted on the Internet. If one of them meets your expectations, please send your request. Do not despair if you do not immediately receive an invitation to talk. This job is usually valid for about 2 weeks from the date of publication, so do not expect a response before that date.
If you can not find a job immediately , is a good idea to register at the Office. for the unemployed over 26 years of age is the only chance for health insurance. status of unemployed, but the burden of the obligation to periodically re-confirmed its ability to work, it also has its advantages. It allows you to registration fee for the placement of the office work. offers internships are available at the Office, and at other sites with job offers. You can also go to the company you want to work with them to offer a course for you internship employers are willing to accept students from practice, because they receive free worker. for you, this is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable work experience. People who will do the job training employer a good impression, they can count on employment after the internship. internship can last from 3 months to one year.
unemployed Status enables you to participate in free training sessions organized by labor offices. This training lasts a few weeks and take place in hours of school, ie, typically 8-16, therefore, may not simultaneously participate in training and apprenticeship.
Even if for some reason, still unemployed, do not forget to raise their qualifications. Sign up for a course, request information from the web of free online training. Use this time to develop interests and abilities. instead of holes in your resume will be able to boast completed courses and obtained certificates.
Do not worry! situation on the labor market, both in Poland and abroad, it makes finding a job is harder than in the past few years. For this reason you should not give up or break up. Finding a satisfying job is just a matter of time .

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