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How to effectively speak

How to effectively speak Most of us at some point in his life meets the needs of the audience

Most of us at some point in his life meets the needs of the audience How to prepare and what to say and how to overcome the stress of speaking How to put into words what we are.? Mean? Here are 10 tips that will help you speak effectively .
u Try to look good. / u Although
should not judge a book by its cover, some people tend to automatically categorize others for looks. If you do not look good enough, they can not even listen to what you have to say. Im not saying that you should dress in ball gowns and Tuxedo. idea is that. wearing a dress that will fit the occasion attire should be neat, but it is very modest - otherwise the audience will focus on their looks, not speech This is what you wear, your expression. faces and gestures should be pleasing to the eye.
u skillfully put pressure on the main points of your speech. / u
Good question, as in the poem, composed with much notes, varied pace and volume. singer who sings without emotion verse after verse of song will be listened to, no matter how great his talent. same applies to the speeches. You must learn how to use the pause and be able to handle voice, shouting in a whisper, Know when you speak quickly, and when it is released. Otherwise, your speech is monotonous, and the main points will be noticed and remembered.
You must be able to prove the seafront humility / u.
When the During the speech made a mistake, you must be able to admit it and apologize. Sometimes its going to say something, forget the words. Instead of a long pause, ask for advice from listeners. not be embarrassed not to know. audience will appreciate your humility, and even give affection when you realize youre just a man who is entitled to mistakes.
u work on your sense of humor. / u
In relation to what was said earlier, making mistakes or forgetting the words is annoying, especially when you have a sense of humor, which again will allow you to turn the situation into a joke. Depending on how well it would handle that will embarrass you, can turn into a jewel of your speech. Remember not to say pig jokes. You uradzić some of the listeners and make them leave the room - no kidding, I witnessed the same situation -.
u speak not only his mouth, and eyes
. / u Even If you have a prepared speech - you probably know by heart -. you should read the article it is best if you have a general plan with every speech, not its exact contents of the Focus on the eyes .. the audience is not looking for just one person - even if a beautiful woman or handsome man - the eyes moving slowly from left to right - or vice versa - so look for full coverage of the audience to look in their eyes, try. guess or do not understand what they say. Do not look at the ceiling or the floor, came to talk with people, so you should focus on your vision. Try as you see them, did not offend anyone. What can I say, must be in accordance with your eyes.
u demonstrating the proper way. / u
If you are a conductor of an orchestra, you can wave your hands on all pages. If not, restrict movement to a minimum so as not to unnecessarily confuse the audience. your gestures to emphasize what they have to say and what you would like to pay special attention. Avoid artificial, learned movements such as song recitals in elementary school.
u Use appropriate language. / u
No sense using the pseudo-profound statements, which nobody understands, and certainly never heard of. Those who rather than to impress the audience, you only lose their attention. speech should be simple and honest. speak the language of the audience, and adapt their language to their level of understanding.
u keep in touch with the audience. / u
not speak as if you were on the scene in an empty theater. speaks to the audience. Some speakers get off the stage to talk to your listeners. Speech is one sided, and the audience feels that what he has to say has any meaning.
No need to use this tactic. It all depends on the circumstances and the type of audience and time spent on the speech. Give the audience a sense that you are not in the limelight, and youll get their respect.
u Trust in what you say. / u
If you do you sound convincing, you can not expect someone to believe. There is no reason to feel intimidated when you are asked to give a speech. the fact that you have chosen for this role as means that you are an authority in your field and this makes the audience from the start will give you confidence. Prove to them that does not commit an error.
u Try to encourage listeners to action. / u
ability is not easy to achieve, but is divided from the masters of good speakers. Why? Because even those listeners who like your speech, do not do what they want, when you have to understand that they do not. If you do, your speech will be good for some time, but does not change anyones life.

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