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How to use body language when dealing with other people

How to use body language in relations with other peoples ability to use appropriate body language can have a significant impact on the ease of making contact, attractiveness, and positive mood

appropriate use of body language can have a significant impact on the ease of making contact, attractiveness, and positive mood, there is no specific rule on how to use body language what may be interpreted differently, depending on the context .. and the person you just talk. Here are some phenomena that make up the body language. I hope that will help them improve in a better way to communicate with the environment.
forget to change your body language must be aware of its existence. Keep in mind the way you sit , stand, hold hands, legs, what do you do when you talk with someone. if you buy the best practices practiced in front of a mirror. These exercises will give you a good idea of ​​how others see you and let them try some of the behaviors that they demonstrate to the world.
Follow friends, movie stars or other people who think that you are well-developed body. Try to use it to learn from them.
Do not cross your arms or legs - ... probably already heard that you can not move your hands, because thus separated from the environment and the same goes for your legs Keep hands and feet in the open position
Maintain eye contact but do not stare - If you are talking to several people at once, each of them holding eye contact, to talk and see if listening too intense eye contact can frighten people, no contact will spend a little self-confidence .. If you have not practiced before the eye contact, at first you may seem a bit difficult and daunting, but working on it, and youll get used to this
Relax your shoulders -. If you are tense, tension was evident as shown in your hands they can pick up and move forward a bit Try to relax your shoulders and shake gently push it back
nominations, while others say - some .... nod of time as a sign. to listen Do not try to overdo it, however
not slouch, sit straight -. but relaxed, not tense
skinny but not too much -. if you want to show that you are interested in the conversation tends to speakers. If you want to show that you are relaxed and confident, a little lean. Do not lean too hard, because other their impression that someone is desperately looking for approval. Excessive deflection will again be the people you gather as arrogant and detached
smile and laugh - highlight ... Do not be taken too seriously Relax a little, smile and laugh when someone says something funny people will be more willing to listen to you if you receive such a positive oriented. Do not laugh, but the first of his jokes, and also issued his nervousness. smile when presented to someone, but not hold a smile on your face, you have to spend. insincere
touch your face - the face reveals touching nervousness, it can also distract the audience and other participants in the conversation
Keep your head tilted upwards -. not stare at the ground, not to make an impression. insecure and lost Keep your head up at the top, and the eyes on the horizon
release - .. applicable to many situations a slower pace, not only to make things seem more quiet and safe, but Ill let you and reduce stress that you experience if someone calls your name, and not violate the neck nervously in his direction, turn
safely rest - .. try to avoid, eliminate or change the restless movements and tics, such as an earthquake. leg or tapping your fingers on the table Sprawisz feeling nervous, and if something in the meantime, you can make it boring to concentrate master your moves Try to relax, slow down and focus attention on them
prudent use of hand - ... rather nerve the hand, or pull the face, use them to communicate what you say. Use your hands when you describe something, and if you want to emphasize the importance of which is exactly what they say. misuse of arms, but can be confusing. Do not let my hand fall hard, he has.
Hold them drinks - .. do not hold a drink in front of the chest in fact, do not hold anything in front of the heart, otherwise you will leave the impression of a persons distance down the glass, better keep him around the legs

. Do not stand too close - located close to us, we put the speakers in frustration Let people keep their personal space, do not violate
Mirror - .. often when we are in good agreement with another person, unconsciously begin to reflect the behavior. This means that we become a mirror for some elements of his body. To improve the quality of human contact, you can try a little active thinking. If the caller nachyli bit, you can also lean in his direction. If you keep your hands on your thighs, you do not react the same, but the mirror Calling every move It will surely seem bizarre
keep a positive attitude - ..!. try to keep a positive, open and relaxed attitude towards the world around us how you feel is evident in your body language, and can have enormous significance for him.

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