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How to overcome nostalgia working as an au pair

How to overcome nostalgia working as an au pair au pair May feel very lonely at work

nanny to feel very lonely at work far from home and family -. Even in our own country, often cut off from social life, of course, you can not resist nostalgia, a longing for home, but it will. Require some work. Key success is to remember for his work as an au pair.
Try more familiar with their host families. kids probably already know inside out and much to do for them. Now try to better understand their parents. au pair is more than seasonal home. It is in fact, a teacher and mentor, who can become a reliable friend.
If the family hires a chef or other household help, try to engage him / her to contact. Be careful not to spend all their time in gossiping with each other during hours, but some kind warning will not hurt from time to time.
Try to get to know other people while walking with the childrens playground in the park. Other students, childminders and parents are also facing the fresh air with his protégé, and, like you , it could be because they lack adult companionship. Very often you can meet really nice and hardworking people youll be able to talk and the kids are playing nicely. contact with other people is really weak longing for home.
Stay in touch with his family. even if you can not hear anything new, write a short e-mail as an entertaining story, write what you write in the newspapers a day, or just write some of your thoughts. Your family will surely be satisfied with such regular news and more Youll feel more a part of their lives.
Teach your children about their country. Show them the pictures on the internet and tell a few stories about his life before moving to his country. not only taught them, but you will be feel better, focusing on building the business.

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