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How to be a good telemarketer

How to be a good telemarketer telemarketer Ideally, the one who can listen carefully and identify the needs of their clients

.. Ideal
telemarketer, is one who can listen carefully and identify the needs of their interlocutors on the patient, always calm and able to give his client what they really need Unfortunately, the ideal telemarketers a few at that. Article limit a way to be good - not necessarily the ideal telemarketer, or how to sell your product
voice is the voice telemarketer telemarketing As a translator must know the language very well advertised so that must have enough .. Good advertising should be able to quickly assess which group of people to your caller. Rapid diagnosis will enable the correct choice of words - words. If our interlocutor quick and easy to understand
* If the caller is a visual person then you should use visual predicates, such as color, horizon, vision, watch, illustration, brilliant, watch, watch, etc. * If
caller using predicate słuchowcem aids such as
listen, listen, talk, talk, hear familiar sounds, harmonies, etc.
* If the caller remembers, and claims the world through the senses of smell and taste of using olfactory and taste predicates : a
smells sweet feeling of distance, a taste of life, felt through the skin
example, if the caller at the beginning says: You see, but Im not interested in the Lords call, then it means that a visual person. Because of the that moment we begin to use visual predicates - eg, This view has a lot of our customers before they even had a full vision of the benefits of our offer, etc. The diagnosis
Each caller
client is different. It advertises quickly identify expectations their customers and identify what motivates him to act
* internal authority -. Invitor actions and decisions are based solely on their own experiences. It will be said, for example, Because I know , because that is how I feel. In this case, the telemarketer should use phrases such as It depends entirely on the Lord.
* External bodies - those people looking for a judgment on other people to support their activities. How to find them is to talk about others, such as Please note that our other customers use this for this offer and are very satisfied with it.
* I focus on - the client will ask for example and Im in it for me?. People who focus only on themselves often use the word I - I, I saw, etc. To reach these people often have to show them the need and benefits such as If you take advantage of this offer, your company will be seen as a modern and prestigious
* Focus on others - people just focus on others rather than themselves - for the benefit of others, and the general public than their own. Then the text would be appropriate for example, With this service, your customers will always contact you. Similarities
*. Some people are always looking for similarities in the situations or objects already known to them. Mówi eg Well, its very similar to the service ...... Such people do not like the large and sudden changes. Such people should speak remembering to include all the similarities, such as my view is exactly the same as mine. * Differences
. Some people recognize things on the basis of the difference. These people like to change your look often and frequently change jobs. In communicating with such persons should be pointed out differences and bring all the details that are different from other offerings.
These examples are just a few of the many hundreds or thousands of people and their expectations of motivation. Careful listening and the ability to identify with whom you are dealing with can be a success in telemarketing.
Listen Listen to what the caller says, and draws conclusions. If your correspondent suggests that you plan to paint the wooden fence, not to praise the color of metal. Identify your caller gets into the situation and offer him something that would be appropriate to their needs. Selling someone gives what he needs, not just pushed into force anything! Remember that your approach to clients and their needs can be quite a spill in the future.
product knowledge
often happens that a person who sells financial services, has no clue about finances. Engraved on the memory by the rules of his product is not difficult, but the trick is to gain expertise in the field. The most important thing is always smooth and without hesitation, be able to answer specific questions from callers. The customer has our trust and our pojękiwania and sighing quickly stop an angry and respected company, which is shown.

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