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How to negotiate a raise

How to negotiate a raise Applying for a raise is not always end in disaster

Applying for a raise is not always end in disaster, proper preparation, time and a little luck can make their stakes in the company will increase, and the commitments will translate into more money
.. br Appropriate preparation . Before you decide to go to the supervisor to ask for a raise, you must plan your strategy. Proper preparation will work in your favor and give the head to realize that the issue is important and should be taken into account.
Be honest. See the in the mirror and honestly answer if you really deserve a raise? If you have any doubts, Im sure it will be your boss.
Meet your boss. Rozpracuj your boss well enough to find the best way to accomplish here can help to talk with colleagues who have already achieved success in this area Think about what you mention and what to avoid is of key importance is the time to wait ... to ask for a raise at a time, wait until your boss will be pleased with the results of the company, the opportunities in connection with his authorship of the project. If you have reached more than asked of you, boss will look more favorably on your application.
Pay attention to the situation in the society. Employees should be aware of the financial condition and the whole company and the department which they work. the manager recently complained to reduce the budget? Is your company really afford to raise you now? How often are given a company increases, and that high? to give employees Christmas bonuses? get answers to these questions before you act. question does not increase can die in a stressful time for the company. not indicate an increase, when the company is in crisis!
Meet Market. What is at stake for working on their skills, learn how to make workers like your posts. If you get paid according to current market price, the head probably tell you that your demands are unreasonable.
term. In many companies, especially the chaotic pre-Christmas period Do not try to run the throw on a proposal to increase because only rozdra┼╝nisz boss, and the probability of success decreases agree with your employer to fulfill - .. personally or in writing -. Preferred time of the morning or right after lunch, before pilots of various obligations to thwart the meeting.
appointment. You should have a well developed plan for the meeting. Do not waste your time coming unprepared head. Prepare a speech that you want to submit.
relax. Many employers are very useful and is not easily angered, they asked for a raise. discussions with respect but without fear.
check-out hostility. Never put your request as demand or threat. Instead, adopting a positive, friendly attitude, which will show you how you like your job
Introduce facts. Prepare a document that presents a list of its major achievements. give specific examples of their work, outside of official duties. Comparison ago and after the tasks. Discuss the question of compensation of other employees who have the same responsibilities. Describe the skills that are necessary for the company. Introduce the goals that can serve the society, you want to achieve in the future.
Speak. be a certain height increases. want to receive Be honest: Do not give too great amount of thinking that you will not have to haggle pulled out personal issues - eg, My husband lost his job, etc. - can bring a better result to rely on public facts, such as .. . cost of living increased by 10 percent more than last year , this month increased prices of electricity and gas. If you choose this route, be prepared for confirmation, too.
effect. Over half the workers asking for a raise is a success. But be prepared for different reactions, your employer.
Be flexible. If your boss rejects your request, which covers the lack of resources, to offer an alternative, other than cash. This will make the employer considers that there is a choice, and May prefer to offer additional security, pleasure few days of vacation or other non-monetary compensation
Be persistent If your boss responds with Curt .... No, accept the sentence and ask about the specific reasons for the decision not to talk about Save your arguments and the promise that the work and tell them to appreciate his honesty. Thank
. If you get a raise, to express my gratitude. At this point, usually falls quickly and sincerely, Thank you.
Go on. Once again, replace your goals for the future , give your employer that you worked harder than ever. even if you do not get pay rises and so thank you. Tell your supervisor that you appreciate his honesty, was found to give thanks for your time and we promise to try to do more in the next quarter .

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