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How to put AdSense on my blog

How to put AdSense on my blog Having a blog can be a good source of income

blogging can be a good source of income if you have a blog, updating it frequently, and have a lot of traffic, a very good idea to put Adsense ads on it Below you will find detailed instructions and tips on how .. to put AdSense on my blog .
first need to log in AdSense.
Choose a blog on which you want the ads and go to Settings.
Go to the Template or Layout tab. Home - enabled blogs look, add a new page element and select AdSense Home - .. If you have a classic template, click on the link in your AdSense template
If you have registered your AdSense account will be able to create them directly in Blogger
Select ad size and customize their appearance on the blog.
AdSense site, after logging in you can see how much you earn from the ads and find other information.

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