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How to have more energy

How to have more energy if youre tired all the time and lack of energy, it is time to begin to oppose it

.. If youre tired all the time and lack of energy, it is time to begin to oppose it will not be able to apply to the whole list of things we will show below that the idea is to try all of them and make sure yield the best results and is most suitable for you. If you do a few things from the list of routine and more time, I guarantee youll have more energy every day. Read how fatigue and gain energy for the day.
to work on the biological clock / u
In our body there is a natural ebb and flow of energy throughout the day will start with the free flow of energy to wake up -. even after a full 8 hours przespaniu - .. peak energy is at 9 am , an hour is a perfectly natural desire to rest at 12 am At this point we need the rest of the siesta and another jump of energy felt in the early evening, then the energy begins again, slowly ... ended with the exhaustion of leave before going to bed. As I understand natural flow of energy will be able to effectively choose the jobs and tasks during the day.
u Sing Loud / u
Whether you work alone or with someone, fast rock song is a great way to beat fatigue . key here is to choose the songs that everyone knows the words. Just three minutes behind the live singing of songs and youll feel a sudden rush of adrenaline.
u drink Yerba Mate / u Yerba
action stimulates the body and mind. Mateine ​​not only contain caffeine, so it does not cause heart palpitations, and irritability. After drinking yerba feel a great amount of energy. It can easily deal with all the duties and responsibilities that await you on this day.
in get rid of a stuffy nose / u
blocked sinus cause tiredness and irritability. tablets odetkanie bays will help you to clean them, so they will return clarity of mind and thought.
socks seafront Change during the day / u
This is an amazing trick. to work with a clean pair of socks and change them in the middle of the day. Youll be amazed at the creatures. you will feel fresh for what you will have more energy.
u eat a piece. chocolate / u
Not much, just a few blocks of chocolate will give us a shot of endorphins - not to mention the energy received from the caffeine in chocolate -. dark chocolate contains more caffeine than milk chocolate no. Take seafront
energy snack in the afternoon / u
a healthy snack, low sugar and protein for several hours after dinner will help you maintain energy for the day you can eat, for example. mix walnuts / dried fruit, yogurt, skim apples and peanut butter, fruit cocktail, candy bar cereal.
u take a little nap / u
nap. chair but not down on the bed, because you have a tendency to rise later NAP should be short - 5-10 minutes max .. do not sleep will have the opposite effect and you will feel tired at the end of the day.
u wear bright colors / u
This trick is related to human perception of colors. People dressed in dark colors are perceived as dull, gloomy and closed in itself. Wearing bright colors make the color that people see you as a person happy and open, and seems to have a better mood and more energy.
to eat lots of fruit in the forest / u
red, blue and purple berries are rich in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants, which in addition to the many positive characteristics and raise the energy level.
in the afternoon gossip / u a little afternoon
gossip with their friends and joke with colleagues rejuvenate your mind. This is because you give your brain a rest and cut over a period of time .. the stress of thought for several minutes to break the mental and revives energizes
u Flirt / u
Flirting is fun, harmless - if he is innocent - and very effective in terms of increasing energy. Nothing speeds up the heart and improves blood flow as well as a flirt.
u Wake up at the same time / u Daily
even get up on weekends at the same time. Otherwise youll have trouble sleeping at night, or worse, to sleep when you should be fully awake and full of energy. key put Lo For product and a low glycemic index are: fruits, vegetables, wholemeal bread, pasta and other carbohydrates
u Avoid energy drinks / u Beverages
. energy almost immediately after drinking the energy levels increase, but it is short acting. The energy drink acts as a credit card - which is now in the future, you must repay the debt. After work drinks created an energy deficit, which will make your fatigue will be even greater than before drinking.
u Eat more soluble fiber / u
Soluble fiber slows the absorption of sugar. It aligns the energy levels and prevents its fluctuations. - Consumption of dietary fiber are also recommended for people suffering from constipation. - Foods containing fiber are: nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, beans and oats
But u drink coffee in moderation / u
coffee and caffeinated beverages. increase energy levels, but is used in more harm may very. Just drinking coffee in the morning, you do not have problems with sleep at night, and as a result - not to feel worse the next day
u Remember ascorbic acid -. = Brains. C - / u
Remember the daily ration of citrus fruits - such as a daily drink of orange juice - or Vitamin C tablets. Research shows link between lack of ascorbic acid and chronic fatigue. Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of nutrients from food.
u Group B vitamins / u
B vitamins have many different properties, but most of them are involved in the process of converting blood sugar into energy. To ensure adequate B vitamins start to balanced nutrition.
Opatija road games to play / u
games stimulate the mind to work also relaxing. When we play and forget about the problems of everyday life. Pause and affect your energy level. Instead of sitting on the project and to focus on to stay awake to turn games and relax for a moment. Just remember not to overdo the time - do not want your boss reprimanded. 5 minutes of the game only to find the necessary energy for the next hour.
u cold water on the face / u
splash your face with cold water to wash away your fatigue and stress of the day. Enter the pool or under a cold shower will give the same effect. Shower stimulates metabolism and cardiovascular system. Just a little water to feel full of energy.
u Stop Smoking / u
People who stop smoking are 2-3 times more energy than before. Nicotine worsens sleep quality, sleep and fewer smokers than nonsmokers. This makes such people often feel tired, frustrated and without the will to live
u citrus scent / u Citrus Scents Home -. Orange, lemon, lime - to encourage us to take action and make it feel more rześcy. Instead of lotions, use lemon-scented lotion and shower gel, using an orange.
u Eat smaller meals but more / u
Eat small meals but frequently. In this way, your energy will be held at the same level. However Avoid overeating junk food snacking on empty calories. These products account for only a short-term increase in energy and the total drop immediately.
u Get up, stretch and take some deep breaths / u
Stretch arms, back, legs and neck. Take a few deep breaths, nose, keep quiet and let the air. Repeat this exercise several times. It will take you 30 seconds and immediately feel better. When you sit, you will have a clear mind and strength needed to perform difficult and tedious duties
u drink tea / u
recent study at the University of London -. UCL - have shown that drinking 4-6 cups of tea per day lowers levels of stress hormones and increases the level of vitality
u Look on the bright side / u
optimistic. approach to life helps to maintain high energy levels. Of course the worst thing that can happen in life, and that no matter how much youll be fine. Look for the positive aspects of each event and stop being tired.
u Take a mini vacation / u
Take one day off and do it on what you just feel like it. A day without work and without obligation. Use this day just for pleasure. The next day you return to work energized and motivated.
u Eat a big breakfast, light lunch, but / u
heavy lunch, especially consisting of a large number of products in carbohydrates - such as hamburger and chips -, ate in the afternoon at work, you will receive all Energy and laziness by the end of the day. Instead, eat in the morning, at home, a decent breakfast. This will give you the necessary energy for the day. Big breakfast not only allow you to avoid the south of dementia, but also make you more productive in the morning. You can win twice.
u Turn to your diet ginseng / u
Ginseng is known stimulant and energy. Ginseng adapogenem, that is, measurements help to adapt to stressful situations, strengthening the immune system and increases energy levels.
u Let your fingers / u Walking
even while seated, try to roll your fingers to the ground. It stimulates the circulatory system and it is related - provides additional oxygen and fuel - glucose - the whole body. You will have more energy and regain your clarity of thought. You can do it now at this time.
u Organize / u
When everything around you will be orderly and not have to spend precious energy to think millions of small things.
u eliminate stress / u
Sometimes stress is necessary for example, assist us in completing the project on time, motivated to continue working, but most of this is just a waste of energy. Try to distinguish and eliminate stress, which has a devastating impact on you and use the stored energy in a more productive way.
u love more / u
Maintain a regular flow of endorphins - the happy hormone -. and youll have more energy, improved mood and clearer mind
u Start practicing / u If you run
sedentary lifestyle probably thought of intensive physical exercise you are completely exhausted. But if you start to move, slowly increasing the intensity of exercise, you will feel a huge burst of energy and well being.
u Clean your list of things to do with unimportant tasks / u

If you have a ridiculously long list of tasks impossible to complete within a certain time, you will feel very tired just thinking about what do. Throw in the list of everything you do not want, or need not necessarily do so. Each of these tasks, try to move on to someone else or move it to the list of things you can never do in the future. Limit the list of tasks for the most urgent and important to give you the power to act.
u Go / u
go outside for fresh air and go fast
IEM accelerate blood flow. Watching the sun will signal your body that it is no time for sleep.
u Choose non-fat protein and carbohydrates / u Food
lean protein products will give you a longer feeling of satiety. It will also prevent irregularities in blood sugar levels and thus keep energy levels constant. Lean protein sources are fish, seafood, lean pork or chicken breasts - white meat -.
u enough sleep at night / u
Each of us takes about 7-8 hours of sleep daily to feel fully rested. Sleeping less than 6 hours per day leads to a debt, which is extremely difficult to recover. If you sleep long enough to sleep that should take about 30 minutes. But if you fall asleep immediately, as soon as head touches the pillow, it means to suffer from lack of sleep.
u Listen to the radio while working / u From
It is known that music stimulates our pleasure center is located in the brain. Put on some headphones and listen to your favorite music while working - so youll feel a surge of energy and increase productivity
u few pounds of weight loss / u For
. perform exercises to lose weight, drink lots of water and avoid simple sugars - they are the actions that have a positive effect on energy levels. Loss of excess fat will result in the simultaneous generation of additional energy. You will feel lighter and everything will seem easier. Weight loss will simply excess energy will be a single-.
But watch out for all short-term miracle diet. It is not supplying enough calories a day will make you feel even more tired and exhausted. Instead, try to take small steps and change your lifestyle permanently.
u Come to the gym in the morning / u Lots of people go to the gym after work. Try to go there in the morning and get the energy that is enough for you until the end of the day. Of course youll have to get up an hour or two before, but youll be able to put to bed earlier than usual. The exercises in the gym will run endorphins, hormones that will be happy to have a good sense of humor, and youll be more effective during the day. To sum up - spend a lot of time in the gym, but you get the bonus of extra energy
u Avoid drinking alcohol in the middle of the day / u
If you need energy for the whole. Keep on drinking alcohol with dinner, even if only one glass of wine or beer. Drinking very quiet, so you will not have the strength to perform duties in the afternoon.
u Do not drink alcohol for sleep / u
Alcohol does not allow for deep and full night of sleep, and even if you slept with the same number of hours as usual, you will feel tired. Never drink alcohol before bedtime and youll be more relaxed.
u Laughter / u
Laughter is a great remedy for fatigue. Laugh on a regular basis to maintain a good mood all day. Looking for business entertaining or everyday people visit or subscribe to a satirical joke of the day
u eat eggs / u
People who eat eggs for breakfast -. In contrast to those who eat bread or other carbs -. have more energy and eat less during the next meal
u Take Thyroid / u
Chronic fatigue can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. This disease is caused by a deficiency of thyroid hormones leading to a slowing of metabolic processes. If you still lack the power and energy, go to the doctor and ask for a referral for testing.
u Dress up pretty / u
better you dress and youll be a nicer look, the more youll have a better mood, and as a result - more power. Put some effort in choosing clothes for work, waiting for praise from colleagues najenergiczniejszym become employees of the company.
u Yoga / u
stretching, slow, controlled movements and focus on breathing to reduce tension and reduce stress. With yoga, youll sleep better, feel more relaxed and maintain good physical condition.
u Add yogurt to the diet / u
yogurt with live cultures of bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system and to better absorb all the nutrients from food. That way youll feel better and youll have more energy. Yogurt is also a great low-fat snack.
u Perform aerobic exercise and cardio / u
Aerobic exercise speeds up the flow of blood supply, causing more oxygen to all the target organ - the brain -. They will increase your stamina and strength - even in the performance of obligations tedious work. Thanks to regular cardio exercise, you will have more energy every day.
u Lower Blood Pressure / u
Apart from the fact that high pressure is one cause of heart attack, it also feel tired. If you have not seen a long time with your family doctor, go and ask them to measure the pressure.
u Treat yourself to a massage / u
Massage relaxes tense muscles, so you feel more relaxed. More relaxed way - a happier and more effective. Quick plecóww massage work by a friend or colleague will give you energy for the rest of the day.
u showering / u
off the Internet and go to meet up with friends. Humans are gregarious species. If we were healthy and had a lot of energy is required of regular meetings.

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