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How to avoid stress

How to avoid stress stress-free life, this life is happier and without depression

stress-free life, this life is happier and without depression - even the season ... Here are some practical tips for avoiding stress and combat
laugh often and loudly if you do not have a sense of humor, find someone who is laughing releases endorphins -. happy hormone -. body which helps in improving the immune system
Take the time you will be better able to cope with stress, if you manage your time wisely .. Remember to always leave yourself time to unforeseen events. Get up 15 minutes earlier and earlier to leave home. This saves a hurry and associated stress. Also, leave the meeting early.
ready for the next day. evening, a package to work - school - they have clothes and make breakfast
Prepare for the worst at the time of buying a new car, imagine the moment the first shots ready for it, your car, sooner or ... then the land to waste. going on vacation, pack your umbrella with you. At the time of taking a new job Imagine the day of publication. As a result, youll enjoy every moment spent with something or someone and the moment of loss will not be as painful and stressful.
Do not wait - procrastination is stressful, try to do them right away also, any embarrassing questions from the scope early in the day, thanks to the rest of the day will be calm you have to do tomorrow, not today, today .... what to do, now do not
Save the important things - not just rely on my memory
Do one thing at same time, focus your attention on the present moment - .. is that a person is talking, either. the work that you just will help to avoid mistakes and your work will be more effective
eliminate excess coffee from the diet
Always make a plan in the event of an accident .. W -. For example, if we lost in the center, meet at the clock at the main entrance. If this plan fails, we will act this way .... Relax
. world will not collapse if the grass in the garden today will not be mowed.
Think positive! one thing that has not worked, for about 50 to 100 others who are successful! Count them!
say no. Say no to any additional projects, tasks, meeting invitations, or if you know you do not have time or energy to know that every person in the world need every bit of free time - time .. which might itself enjoy the peace movement
Sports and greatly reduce stress levels. Try to start practicing. March you can, swim or do whatever you want. daily dose of traffic will also improve your sleep and overall well-being.
consciously decide to friends. Choose people who are not in conflict, not like quarrels and avoid gossip. Select people are optimistic and positive attitude towards life. the environment with people eternally dissatisfied and upset can cause depression.
never hide an injury to someone and not be offended. You have less demand and from each other and from other people. Do not expect too much . Perfection does not mean happiness.
believe that each of us as can be and do everything in his power. not require more.
be flexible and learn to adapt to any situation and environment.
Accept that we live in an imperfect world.
from your phone. Want to take a long bath, meditate, sleep, read a book and do not want to disturb anyone? Turn off your phone. likely that within an hour you happen to have something very important about what you would like to be informed is low.
ask questions. Always read the instructions at least 2 times before starting a new project. It saves a lot of time later to enhance and clarify misunderstandings.
Buy yourself earplugs and use them when you want a little peace.
Be honest in relationships with others. lying and cheating leads to stress. Do not do or say something that will bring you to the future lies.
Write down your thoughts and feelings on paper. In this way you can look at it from a broader perspective and to assess more objective manner.
Always be ready for it, youll have to wait. this occasion, try to always carry a book.
every day to do something you love to do.
fix what you broke down. If the alarm starts to go wrong, go fix it or buy a new one, not even upset that they did not activate an alarm, and you overslept for work again. If the battery is not holding the phone, go to the store and buy a new one.
For each activity you do not put a little heart.
Every day someone a favor, for example, bring a colleague from work for a flower, my mom a romantic medley record, store old neighbor, surprised like massage, etc. The more you try, the more good deeds you do, the more you feel happy.
Learn how to breathe deeply and slowly. Relax all the muscles, relax the chest. Breathe in slowly. Think of breath. I imagine as the oxygen flowing through your body. track his movements . It is a good way to relax in any situation.
Use techniques of yoga. Take a breath slowly counting to eight. exhale through your mouth, even slower. exhale counting to sixteen can add another sound - for example, S -. Repeat the whole .. 10 times
focus on understanding, not as someone who can understand, to love someone and not be loved
Do something for your layout. look better to say to feel better.
eliminate destructive thinking that Im too old ... Im too fat, so ....
Forget about counting to 10 as someone or something upset you or even lead to hysteria count to 1000.

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