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How to recognize toxic friends at work

How to recognize toxic friends at work Toxic colleagues extends the fog around me do not like

colleagues extends the fog around them do not like gossip behind your back, politely inform your boss jerks
work in a place that you like your job makes you .. well, the head is bearable and, together with other colleagues, my friends are making a pretty good team just one small detail brings you to the white fever, not only for you, because the rest of the crew too -. one of the members of your team -. curse the entire company

Toxic friend knows everything and everyone. No matter what you are talking to someone is always something to add from one another. It is up to date with everything happening in society, especially among his colleagues. Who with whom, how and where. Complete database. It is so nice and sweet that you want to vomit.
trying to rule them all, and set in the corners. criticize our behavior, if you do not play down her thoughts. course that does not see his. errors in their eyes is a great Although engaging in an affair with work colleagues, who flirts around, I get out of their own stumbling and mistakes of others and spying on his friends, however, it is usually a favorite of my head - .. so maybe thats all

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