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How to stop worrying

How to stop worrying positive attitude toward the world around us makes us feel healthier and happier

positive attitude toward the world around us makes us feel happier and healthier if it is just a little try, if only for a moment we can feel better This is one of the easiest things we can change about your life .. and most importantly - .. you can do right now ... Smile
Recent studies have shown that a smile helps increase the amount of natural chemicals in the body, which can result in improving your health it is the same benefits, regardless of whether you want to smile or no. Your smile will bring benefits to others. If smiles to those encountered by chance, to me well, they feel better. So do not worry about anything and smiles to the other, honestly or not, but remember that it is good for you and the recipient.
note in the record what your concerns and what they care about. Place in the worst case wyobraziłeś.
Think about how you can deal with the imaginary and the worst scenario.
take any action to change or control over things will start to worry and concern.
look sober look at all the issues and concerns that you think you can not in any way to overcome. Think about which of them are exaggerated and distorted and unrealistic. Take
for each of these disturbing thoughts. For each of them try to write an alternative and realistic thought. You will find that worry and worry unnecessarily.
try to catch it when you make a mental problem, then you start to worry. stop and think of something What is the alternative.
practice relaxation techniques and stress reduction. easy way to calm the mind and soothes the body to perform a few deep breaths. Take a deep breath for a count of six, and then slowly release the air from the lungs, the number six. exercise to do for 5 minutes, you can gradually increase the duration to 20 minutes.
Learn how to accept it or you do not control and what you can not change. Look books that will help you to overcome fear, anxiety, thanks to their return to inner peace and stop worrying.

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