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How Indian Head Massage

How Indian Head Massage Indian Head Massage is a wonderful antidote for stress, headaches and insomnia

Indian Head Massage is an excellent remedy for stress, headaches and insomnia helps to relax and calm down This massage consists of massage of the shoulders, arms, neck stretched, head and face This is done on the site and sits .. does not require prior preparation. can be done at any time, anywhere.
u Preparation for massage / u
Find a quiet place as possible on the sidelines. You can let some quiet music and light candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. Tell the person you will be doing massage, so she said, if the massage is too strong and it would hurt anything. Stand behind the person who massaged and put a hand on his shoulder. Both you and another person take a few deep breaths .
u Shoulder Massage / u
Gently press your palms start trapezius muscles, starting at the neck. Gradually move the arm to the outside shoulder. again back on the neck and repeat the same thing three times, each time with greater force.
Move your hands as close to the neck, so that your thumbs are near each other and begin to work their small circles of the muscles of the spine, from two sides simultaneously. This massage perform thumb in the direction from bottom to top, until the line włosó w Move thumb down again - as low as you can without lifting your fingers rest on the shoulders - the hood, trapezius muscle. Repeat twice Put
., with hands on the shoulders of the person being massaged, both on their side, right at the door and remove them out in the shoulder - Next Image -. Lift the shoulders and backs them znóww place away a few inches in the neck and repeat 2 times.
u neck massage / u
stand on the side of the person performing the massage. Place On the one hand low on the neck - at shoulder height - and the other persons hand on his forehead massaged This should be done with a gentle, almost without the use of force - with a photo .. -
hands that hold the door gradually move up to the hair line from the base of the skull to collapse all the time the doors on both sides - from one thumb rest on the other fingers -. Do not squeeze the muscles along the spine just keep it on hand. hair for a few moments, gently compressing the space on both sides of the neck.
forearm Back at the bottom of the door and repeat. If you think that the muscles are still tense, you can add a circular motion when you move your hand from the lower to the upper neck. Repeat this process five times.
your hand reaches the hair line last time, leave it there for a few moments. slowly tilt your head massaged person. down and back up, hands on head and neck do not use force alone dropped head -. just gently hold her hand lying on his forehead Repeat this procedure three times ..
u massage head / u
stand behind the person who is a boxer, to solve your hair if you are connected to the tail. Put your hands on your head and start massaging her fingers on the move such as the cleaning head. massage applied gently, do not use too much force. Do not lift your fingers or hands from the middle surface of the scalp.
Move your hands up gradually separates. fingers and squeeze the head of the same hand back hand down on the lower parts of the head and massage your back and reach the inside of the arm - next picture -. Repeat this procedure about 5 times now put
. On the one hand to his forehead to keep the base of the head and place your other hand on the neck to the bottom of the inside of the arm - .. start to rub the skin on the back of the head, strong, horizontal movements as these Massage the scalp method B on the one hand Switch hands and repeat on other side.
now for about 1 minute, vigorously rub the skin around the head and fingers of both hands so that the movement during scratching.
in facial / u
begin to move your fingers to the head, front to back of head. slow motion. Each stroke of the hand from the forehead to the back of the head movement should be slower Increasing the closer the person massaged and put both hands to his forehead, so that your fingers touch your eyebrows and hold for a few seconds -. the picture -. slowly lowered into the hands of the włosó to his temple.
massage temples with slow, small and circular movements with the middle finger and shows. Put your hands back on the forehead and repeat the process three times.
End u massage / u End
massage strokes with the hands of the current head in the direction away from the forehead to the nape. action that follows for about 1 min. Each stroke of the hand, the use of force and emphasis should be weaker and barely detectable by boxed.

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