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How to love

Google Web Many people have very low self-esteem

.? Lots of people have very low self-esteem also belong to this group do not like each other you think you are worse than others, if so, why you probably need to change.? Because if he does not love, I love you none. If he will not get respect, it is also one else will poszanuje. Therefore, it is best to start learning from this moment. These tips will tell you how to easily enhance the perception of themselves.
u Distribution of family and friends / u
This is definitely the hardest. If you are able to do it, Im confident that we will achieve all
.. the first thing you need to do is to divide the people around you in three categories: positive, negative and neutral if person has a positive effect on you, put it in a group of positive, if negative - the negative, and if it has no effect on you -. idle Negative people are toxic people, people often say something unpleasant, the person in whose company you feel unwell, people who constantly complain and are dissatisfied with almost all
etc. and now the hard part ... You will have to sever all contacts with people whose names are on the negative list. It does not matter whether they are family members, friends or co-; łpracownicy However, if you can not fully break these ties, to limit the meetings to a minimum
u Spend time with people you love / u
now. . when its environment wyeliminowałaś all people who have a negative impact on you, try to spend as much time with people who positively zaliczyłaś groups. Exit the house and so have a good time. better to play, the more you love one another.
u Learn to accept compliments / u
Accept compliments and do not be afraid of them. Everyone wants to hear the praise of himself, of course, provided they are not malicious. I do not believe that someone says something nice, just because you want to be nice. Take note that you are attractive, have great hair, eyelashes, intelligence, etc.
Thank your appearance / u
every morning, look in the mirror. Search features, which are like, whether these are the lips, eyes, nose, or the entire face. Every day, tell yourself compliments on the appearance of the features you like best.
u affirmation of Use / u
Make a list of all the features of their character, except those that have, and the like. You are a good listener? Are you smart? are very friendly? Add all attributes to the list and read it every day. This May seem silly to you but the affirmation is the best way to achieve your goal. With affirmations you love yourself, become a great lover, to be rich or happy. good confirmation of the sentence, and each day is getting better and better.
U Find a new hobby / u
not matter whether you are watching sporting events, dance classes, play bingo, sing karaoke, take pictures or trips out of town. Find something you enjoy will be due. That you will learn many new friends with similar interests, which will help you to rediscover.
u daily exercise / u
exercise has been shown to work antidepressant. Therefore, daily schedule, enter the first few minutes of gymnastics. month or two you will be satisfied with what you have done.
u Set minimum goals for yourself / u
After completion of each of them, do not forget to reward Keep in mind, however, that the award should be adjusted to achieve the size - .. small target, small prizes
Hurry u improve the mood of other people / u Call
people whose zaliczyłaś to neutral. Now, when self-esteem is much higher, you may be able to influence them positively.

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