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How to prevent violence in schools

Preventing Violence in Schools Violence in schools is a general problem

Violence in schools is a universal problem Although many actions are being taken to prevent this problem, we have to admit it in the bud, and this is the place to start a fight We can not be indifferent to the harm to human need. .. reckon with the fact that sooner or later, this problem can affect our children. Here are some tips on how to fight against the efforts to prevent aggression and violence in schools.
Young children do not have a stable and peaceful place to live are hyperactive, suspicious, and more prone to dislike. plays an important role as food, or its lack. However, we can help to reduce damage to these children through volunteer work, participation in the collections of clothing and help other charities.

children from poor families can also take special care and give them some support to the security of belonging. Additional classes at school or church would allow better planning of childrens free time, and also for you. You can also benefit from help some children in family activities.
also plays an important role child care or sick with an illness. try to convince your employer to support his initiative and assistance. suggesting that it would be good promotion for the company. You can also organize campaigns kids, for kids where healthy children will integrate with the patients by giving them to understand that there are worse, and only slightly different from each other.
we can change our mindset and realize that children need our help, but at preschool age. We must remember that older children tend to engage in the expected behavior and the less confident students.
Follow all local events, designed to integrate children with them and get them actively share. You have to look long and far. in your area certainly has its place, or organization that order to the juvenile.
Whether you are a teacher or a citizen of the school where your child learns, you can offer help in setting up a management office in school psychology. This idea will give students a greater sense of security and prosperity. This project does not requires a large expenditure of money, and that will change the minds of many students and reduce the number of beatings at school. Youth will have the power to make their case, at any price to attract attention. will be able to attract to the school psychologist, that without it they will listen. will be available to every child and teenager.
You should also propose a system of rewards and punishments administration, which could count on the students. These changes are brought forward in their desire for competition and healthy competition, and thus, his mastery of nauczyłyby Looking for a purpose.

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