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How to motivate for work

How to motivate for the motivation to work hard to achieve, especially for the more leisurely part of society, but it is possible

motivation to work hard to achieve, especially for the more leisurely part of society, but can be a good self-motivation will help us to focus on the job and be in our activities efektywniejszymi
fra.. E- mail and instant messaging
e-mail and instant messaging are great tools to simplify our communication with the environment, without which it would be difficult to fully control the flow of information in more than one company. However, they are also the largest sink of our time.

Set yourself time to check and read e-mail and do it once or twice during the operation, rather than every hour. Frequent checking Email and Instant Messaging conversations through an effective way to distract from the work and negatively affect concentration.
off the phone than e-mail and instant messaging destructive impact on incentives to work, but the phone. If you have a lot of urgent work set the phone to voicemail, or at least turn off the sound on the phone. phone like the previously mentioned tools also check out for more than two times during working hours. Of course, this applies only to those whose work is not connected to the phone.
Stick to a routine and schedule
Get in the habit of always taking a break to. same time Is it breakfast, smoke break apart. to set the exact time when to break away from work to make a list
always has a list of everything you need to do .. Help Those in the organization, it will affect the operations and efficiency.
understand what is important and you want to achieve.
imagine the action youve done and ready for work. Visualization is a technique that helps. many people If you can imagine what you want to achieve, even in a symbolic sense, your energy will be focused on achieve this goal, the subconscious has a huge impact on our success and failure is a subconscious belief - .. if something is a strong believer, so. condition Thus, to achieve something we must emphasize that our subconscious first imagining the future - a positive for us -.
more situations we can imagine what we want to achieve, the image will be more realistic for our subconscious Thank you. It will be harder to focus on activities to achieve the goal.
reward for a job well done.
If you have already done their jobs, for example, the project on time, have fun, buy something for yourself. Spend a day at the spa or buy yourself a good book. Every little thing you do for yourself as a reward for good work, will give us positive reinforcement.

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