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How to avoid spam

How to avoid spam there is probably nothing more annoying than spam

There is probably nothing more annoying than email spam Viewing Sometimes the job, however be careful not to accidentally delete important mail messages This division is very time consuming and often interfere with our daily activities, Im sorry .... Spam can not be completely avoided, but there are ways to reduce it.
Avoid giving any information which you think is too personal. For example, if the site asks you to enter your phone number or address, it means. later that this information will be sent promotional messages to completing the questionnaire includes everything - such as participation in a competition or claiming a store loyalty card -. you later receive SMS, phone calls from telemarketers, newspaper advertising and spam.
your email mail address of the website? If so, enter your address in the Google search engine. If Google finds it, it means that spammers can find it. In this situation as soon as possible to remove the address from all websites. company instead of using signs and @. type eg monkey magdalenaw gmail dot com.
Create a new e-mail, which will be used only in order to sign up for new service and the questionnaire, which you should enter your e-mail. Depending on the circumstances of use different e-mail.
often, when applying the option not want to receive notifications, etc. Check this option and the future, you will receive several e-mail a week less.
never respond to spam. If you answered, click and removing the link from the mailing list, you confirm that your e-mail address is valid and the spam has been successfully delivered to your inbox. List of confirmed e-mail addresses are more valuable than unconfirmed lists. confirmed by e-mail addresses are much more likely to buy and sell spammers .
If you receive lots of spam messages, check whether it is possible to unsubscribe from mailing lists. Typically, such information is provided at the end of the message To unsubscribe from the list, simply click on the link -.! only do this if the message is from a known and loyal work
Try not to open messages. spam Often these messages are Web beacons -. usually small, clear drawings, embroideries, which are designed to track user behavior They allow you to determine which addresses to spammers messages have been opened and how many people do
. Check the options and settings of your e-mail. In some post offices you can configure the type of emails that we receive. Some spam can land straight into the trash or spam folder.
If all else succeed, you must first create a new e-mail. Top This is achieved where there is a great anti-spam policy. I recommend here for Gmail, which manages the spam filter.

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