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How to say no

How does the saying no you have difficulty speaking not always try to be nice and kind to everyone around, not just for yourself so youre not alone

You have difficulty in speech do not always try to be nice and kind to everyone around, not just for yourself so youre not alone Do not say no, because you do not want to hurt anyones feelings. Even if you have something important that it can never help other people. Sometimes, however, this support extends to several hours, and you do not dosypiasz, because you do late at night, even over their own affairs. But you have to realize that in many cases be rejected too often helping others makes you do not have time for yourself love your neighbor as yourself - so that .. do not act superior to others, well above its
., says
Why is not that difficult to learn how to say no we must first understand why we get resistance to speak the word Below are the most common reasons: first
want to help others? .. You are a person with a heart on the sleeve does not want to celebrate someone with nothing and want to help everyone, and when you can - ... even if you do not have time for it
2 does not want to be rude to not believe some people are talking rough, especially the recitation of the elderly.
3 want to be nice. not want to break away from the group. 4
afraid of conflict. Are you afraid that people may be get angry if you refuse it. Even if they do not get angry in the future can develop some nasty consequences.
5 Are you afraid to lose the opportunity. Perhaps you are afraid to say that not far from that person, or by a special purpose - For example, fear of saying the boss is not given a chance to advance -.
6 do not want to burn bridges Some people think that a refusal could lead to a loss of knowledge burning bridge
You must understand that to say no not rude, nor prove youre a nasty person. says no does not mean conflict, or will not disappoint his career and future. It does not, do not burn bridges behind you. These are all misconceptions that need to be recognized. Finally, you need to know that this is the way to say no and do not accept that fact. In addition, still have their priorities and needs, as everyone in the world. say no, there is no evidence of reluctance to help, but appreciation and respect by their free time. not Talking your advantage.
seafront 7 simple ways to say no / u. Instead
avoid to say no, you must learn as we start to talk do not understand / U
This formulation is perhaps more akin to the tone than not. If you are interested in something, but I do not mean to tell me what is the formula. If a person really depends on something, it will be more than happy if after a while you will agree. However, if you are interested in what the person is not cheating on her. In this case, use of the method. 5, 6 or 7
u Currently Im not interested in completely, but if I changed something Ill remember about your offer / u
If someone offered a job or wants to sell you something you do not need, a right to know you are not interested. In the second case, the call may be withdrawn on forever - or at least it will last longer than it should -. Through the above sentence you give someone a feeling that there is nothing wrong with what he proposes, but it just would not offer to your needs.
u I do not do it so Im not the best person who can help. In this case it would be best to go to X / u
If you are asked to assist in this, you do not know or do not have the proper tools to aid funds, understand that the request has gone to the wrong person. If possible, direct the person to someone else who could help - for someone who knows you or any other institution or to another department -. Thanks to help the person find the help you seek and do not let the fact that the case is stalled.
u No, I can. / U
This is the simplest and most direct form of denial. We create in the mind of many obstacles that prevent us from saying no. As already mentioned in this article, we create barriers in our minds with reality have nothing in common. So it is best not to think too much about how to refuse, just say it directly, without superfluous words and explanations. You will be surprised to see that people do not accept rejection as bad as you imagined.

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