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How to change your habits

How to change your habits all our days are filled with some habits of certain habits

... All our days are filled with some habits of certain habits, but habits can be changed for the better I am a living example I quit smoking, I stopped buying on impulse, went out of debt, every day I get up earlier , eating healthier, lead healthier and simpler living, which is also more organized, focused and productive. Everything is possible. change bad habits are not as complicated as it seemed.
1.Napisz plan.
2.Wymyśl on what to replace bad habits. third
Focus for the next 30 days for alternative activities to replace the old and bad habits
So -. after
in and more details:
not change bad habits at once eliminate bad habits changing for the better is not so easy if you start to change them all at once, be prepared to not change any ... You are doomed to failure. Try to run slowly, to change habits in order. All your attention should pay for a particular purpose.
Each of us makes a promise in the new year. take the number of goals Quitting smoking, for example, to find a better job, before I get up, Ill start at the end of the run. than 99 percent of people do not keep their New Years resolutions. Why? Because the provisions were too many at once!
Start with small things. From small things, it is easier to deal with. If you want too much at once it will fail. Youll start practicing? Start with 5 - 15 minutes a day. start getting up earlier? As of today, set the alarm 10 minutes earlier than before.
sure to enter a new habit in the blood in principle, to adjust to the new state or behavior lasts about 30 days -. provided that we do something every day -. In some of his reading, we read that the change of habits we need only 21 days, while in others, as many as 66 to 30 days, however, it is best to start with the example. If you intend to ride a bike for work start to do it tomorrow and check the calendar each day for best results try and motivation. publish their performance in a public forum - for example, the description of GG nine days on the bike to work -.!.
write it is not enough just to say that something will change in your life you must also write down on paper. Write what you want to change habits.
make a plan. As I write that do not want to write and how to do it. good plan will allow you to make sure that you are well prepared. plan should include the reasons for which you want to change some of their habits and behavior - for better motivation -., potential barriers, friends who will support you and other things that will help you succeed
Always keep in mind the motives for their actions and be sure that you are strong enough to succeed. Add to your plan, why change the habits and all the advantages and benefits that will result from these changes. These advantages should get stuck in your head and you can never forget them! Know that vanity is a good motivator. but usually not enough We need something stronger For example, if you want to quit smoking, do it for his wife and children, not just for myself -. because it is not fashionable and looks bad -. know that smoking can kill you what your children will be deprived of his father, his wife - her husband, and besides - that smoking increases the likelihood that your children will burn in the future - will follow your example -.
not a sudden Enter your starting date of the plan. . This may be a week or two after sporządziłeś plan if you start from today, you will not take it all seriously tell your friends and family about the start date of change habits - .. as the day begins -. Hold a piece of that date. computer or on the table Let this day was your big day
Post what keeps you in changing your habits if you have ever tried to change some of your habits now - .. as they are already throwing burning -, think and write what you have against these cells. What brought you to your project ended in failure? Write down all the factors that led the previous failure, and other factors which might even hinder you. be well, how can you overcome or avoid these pitfalls. Our goal is this: I think the solution before a problem occurs - be prepared for the worst example: If you are throwing smoke but could not deny you a cigarette after youve had a few drinks, then the problem will be temporary and total withdrawal from alcohol
identify .. threat. What situations cause the current behavior? For example, the situation contributes to cigarette smoking is a morning walk, drink coffee, alcohol, stress, meetings with friends, driving, etc. Most of the bad habits and addictions caused by certain situations. Identify all and save them into your plan.
for any situation that causes the manifestation of bad habits, but I think some alternative positive behaviors. What can you do except just after waking up a cigarette and what you can do, meeting with friends? positive behaviors that you can apply to your life and you can replace your bad habits you have, for example: .. exercise, meditation, deep breathing, cleaning, cleaning
habits you can not just throw them out the window is a step by step to push down the stairs Mark Twain
plan support system. For whom you turn when it will be difficult for you? Unsubscribe in the plan is a list of people who can support mentally. Remember to online forums where people are struggling with the same addictions and bad habits are mutually supportive and motivating.
ask for help. Ask for help from his family, friends and colleagues. Tell them that it is very important to you. Join online groups, which suffers from the same problem as you when the time will be very difficult to ask for help, for example: ... Never light a cigarette, before you write in the forum, that youre going to give up Do not drink a drop of alcohol before not to call a colleague from the AA club.
understood to speak for themselves. Everyone is always talking to himself in thought, but most of us are not aware of it. Start listening. These thoughts can keep you from habit or achieve the intended purpose, they are often negative thoughts: ... I can not make it too difficult for me, in fact, why is my addiction is so bad that I was not strong enough to have disciplinem hopeless ... You must be aware of your thoughts
Remember a positive attitude certainly is not having negative thoughts - .. Most importantly is that it seemed that the case as soon as he could push them out of a bad head and replace destructive thoughts positive thinking Of course, that so many can succeed so well I managed to
planning strategies to fight the urge desire, sooner or later youll get - ... It was inevitable, and strong, however, it is also temporary and can deal with. desire to manage them usually lasts a minute or two and come as a wave -. with varying intensity have to beat the tide and the desire to go away some of the ways to fight the urge, deep breathing, massage, eat some frozen grapes, walk, exercise, drink a glass of water .. Phone a friend, post on the forum.
ready for sabotage. There will always be people with a negative attitude towards your goals you want to return to old habits. ready for them. Stand with them face to face and be direct. say that you do not want to try to stop you. expect their support, and if you do not get, then you will avoid them because they do not want to stay longer in their company.
tells himself. Be a fan, cheer, repeat the mantra and do not be afraid to spend some crazy. see who will win, like I have to change their habits, and the rest still do not do anything with them and slowly stuck in unhealthy habits. and dependence
Keep mantra For example, if you shoot again throw the whole time, or one more loans. - It really works -. often repeating his mantra will help you remember what you are trying to achieve.
Use the power of visualization Visualization is a powerful and imagined self-image in the future - .... As we end up with bad habits Imagine your success Imagine how to deal with problems that are on your way to overcome all difficulties.
regularly rewarded. It might seem like a childish and stupid, but rewarding has a positive effect. Consider the rewards that can motivate you and put them into your plan.
Never a moment of signing - in other words, without exception -. It sounds horrible, but it is necessary to refer Sukses If you want to stop bad habits, change your habits, or habits, you must be consistent if you want to run every morning you .. every day - whether it is raining, snowing or you had a bad night, if you feel tired, etc. For the first 30 days - or even 60 - you can not do it either, but this is no exception: If you fail to do new plan, learn from your mistakes and start anew - from the moment of making corrections in the plan, do not wait two weeks to wdrożysz him to just start right away -. You have to endure 30-60 - days without any jerks!.
rest Fatigue can do much to give up Be have the energy to fight with old habits
Drink lots of water the same as above - ... dehydrated man has no power to resist difficulties.
Remember your approach. Remind yourself of how many times a day in the morning after waking and before bed always. Read your daily plan. Enjoy your current success. Always be prepared for potential temptation.

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