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How to sleep at work

How to sleep on the job work is usually not, unfortunately, a bed, where you can lie down comfortably, so you have to adapt to new conditions and try a few different places that will be best for you

Work usually is not, unfortunately, a bed, where you can lie down comfortably, so you have to adapt to new conditions and try a few different places that will be best for you to consider first how long you going to sleep? Just a minute, because you want to take your eyes a little rested? need a 10-minute nap, or maybe you should sleep at least an hour? In addition, you have to wonder if your boss can see your disappearance? How long can you run away before anyone starts look for you? Do you have something urgent to do? If you want to sleep should also be aware of the dangers of sleep on the job. What happens if the boss caught you at it? being caught in the plan will mean less computer effects than sleeping on the floor in the hallway . Here are some tips and advice that will help reduce the likelihood that covers the head.
u classic item / u
certainly like to have this attitude that no one noticed. If you can not get to work in a hat and sunglasses will be required to cover the eyes by hand. Put your head on one side, his hand covering his face in such a way b, so that no one could see his eyes and put your other hand on the mouse or keyboard - as a state, put the mouse on the left side and propped his right hand - depending on where you sit -.
stomach problems / u
This method guarantees invisibility. You are locked, so nobody can see what you are doing in environment. You can rely on the wall using your head. toilet paper, or support for the head in his hands Do not forget to set the alarm on the phone Do not go to sleep after lunch -. then a lot of people use the toilet if the bottom of the review if someone in the toilet - . door does not apply to the floor -. not forget to leave all the pants that looks like it belongs
u telemarketer / u
If you often need to talk to the customers a good way to get a nap in the database. Head Telephone Headset This method has two major advantages: During sleep, nobody dodzwoni not wake you up so you do not suddenly ringing telephone is an important issue - even if the boss sees you will think that the customer just explain something to you - your eyes . are closed, not because they are sleeping, just because it focuses on an important issue -.
seafront eyelid sticker / u Labels
eyes glued to the eyelid she can cheat anyone who will look at you. Unfortunately, you can not get those in Poland, but you can do it yourself. This trick will not work if you put on the floor with a pillow under his head.
U Smart hairstyles / u If you have a
long and very thick hair then you are very lucky. hair on your head you can use to change into his skull to another person. To do this right, youll want someone with a great artistic assistance - brand image should be at the same time -. The head should be shaved to resemble the face - on your -. With this hairstyle sleeping is very comfortable - you are free to put your head on a pile of paper or on the shoulder.

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