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How to live without the clock ?

How to live without the hours Have you ever dreamed about this moment is not there you do not want to stop living from her an hour and still comes to our questions and statements: O How much time do I have left? Unless I still hate ? waiting for something, I do not have time

Have you ever dreamed about this moment is not there you do not want to stop living from her an hour and still comes to our questions and statements: How much time do I have? Has the time? What is the point? Hate waiting for something, I do not have time for it. We need to rush. late Howre we have a problem.
when you actually think about it, how the fear of aging, we can see that we have an obsession at this point we think we can control the duration of different things - . after all, time management skills to succeed, or simply not
? think so. There are many other success factors that have to do with time or with his counting. There are certain priorities. Have you noticed that the more you try to manage and plan their time, including the more you are concerned
I always try?. sure I have enough time to create an effective layout, not to escape my time doing nothing in particular
see how it sounds funny Jim Loehr, author of The Power of full engagement, says that the key to performance management of high power is not the time - More on this topic, see:?. time management of energy management -
I agree with this approach is an effort to continuously control and monitor their time, will only lead to greater anxiety and still have the feeling that I had not done enough Im always thinking how I could spend time in.. smarter and more efficient way.
However, life is to enjoy, right? We also can not be fully productive because at the same time coming out every minute.
Here are some tips that will help you kill the stress caused by the clock
Choose a theme for each month Many people like to define targets Well, except I believe that setting goals .. .. it is very stressful and gives a feeling of anxiety, because we can always see if we can do something better. Instead, specify the theme of the month and focus your energy on it. This month the topic is to enhance the ability to focus on one thing. Less frequent checking e-mail, fewer distractions, better focus, concentration in the workplace.
week job. Instead, determine the most important tasks to do during the day, determine the tasks they perform during the week. This will help you look at his work from a distance. Perhaps youve heard the saying, we overestimate what we can do during the day, and not appreciate what we do during the year. I always overestimate what I can do within a day or łajałem for the fact that not all the challenges. Focusing on the week and not the date, we eliminate this problem.
Follow your rhythm. This May seem like a very bright, but the point is to follow the rhythm of their energy and listen to your body. When you feel tired, take a break. When you feel the rush of enthusiasm, use it to work.
Save on your calendar when you need it. Of course you can not eliminate all the planning. You may need to adjust the date and time. But what you can do is give yourself more time to prepare. Exit at the meeting in advance and do not plan anything after it, so no need to rush to the time in another place. In this way you will not get stressed sometimes escape and avoid feelings of anxiety.
swim. Personally, I like working with big, beautiful and exciting projects. When I begin to plan such a project
actions and events. Then I start working. But what fascinates me most in the major projects that have drawn me in a way that is completely lost track of time.
Stop. We spend too much time to get somewhere, or go back. We spend too much time on planning and preparing for future events. Although it is sometimes very important part of life, it is also forgiving and forgetting about the future - as well as the past. What is so important that I can not wait? It will be tomorrow. To another very important matter of urgency will also be given later. And many, many times later. So, do not worry and relax. Let this whole hurricane passes you, and you just stand still.

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