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How to be a leader

How to be a leader and be the leader of the group does not necessarily mean to be their manager or boss

Being a group leader
not necessarily mean to be their manager or chief leader is a person who has an impact on others and their decisions Below is a list of features that should have a real leader of the group ... no u
Troubleshooting / u
If you want to be a leader, the first IEM
how you should look around and find a way to make the world a better place. To do this, you must carefully observe the surroundings and listen to people around you . See the specific problems in a broader sense. Find out what are the needs of people, niches, omissions, conflicts and deficiencies. solutions such problems do not always have to be creative and insightful - and sometimes the simplest things
u perception problemóww Wider Perspective / in How
. to deal with minor issues, May you find to be composed of something deeper, which are the result of a much bigger problem than hitherto thought. Try to find the source, cause all the little problems that arise. often can not be resolved themselves. for this task must be to work as a group.
u Be proactive / u
If you already know what is the general problem is likely to be able to define it and provide less trouble, what will be its result. Instead waiting for these minor problems and take
that they could have been prevented. If problems are inevitable, at least you can prepare for them. Thats the difference between leaders and managers. good manager responds only when a problem arises, a good leader should be effective measures to prevent its construction.
u make decisions and take responsibility for their consequences / u
To influence and solve big problems you need decision-making power. decision-making power will be obtained from the people around, that will affect the decisions made by you. It differs żnienie - allocation of decision-making involves a great responsibility not only enough to make a decision, we must reckon with the responsibility for kondekwencje If something goes wrong, everyone will blame for this is that - even .. If it is not -. Imagine ship captain Los whole ship is currently in the hands of the captain, therefore, it is up to you to lead people on board has made its goal the whole time you have to hope for success, while at the same time be prepared for the worst ... If you are not yet ready to take responsibility for their decisions - if a little hesitation and doubt, the best solution we can make a withdrawal from the role of a leader - unless you want to be a leader -. tyrant
u Share your ideas with others / u
as a leader you will be aware of major problems and have ideas about how to confront and eliminate them. How to make people change the environment for the better, something to simplify or eliminate the problem should share with them your ideas on how to do it. inspire them , to motivate, to be their guide. show people approaching you all the action in order to achieve the desired goal.
u Note that this is not about you / u
greatest leaders -. Leaders their role and see themselves as a means to end all the glory, prestige and financial benefits are just a side effect and not a motivator. If you want your idea is realized and that its effect is prolonged it is necessary to share his vision in such a way that each person brought his own idea of ​​how this idea will spread like wildfire Think of yourself as a beginning of a chain reaction - ... for a
still all the same is in progress, even without the least effort on your part the best leader is someone who Rego existence, people find it difficult to realize. good leader will not say that this is done.

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